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What's the most fun/weird/interesting/cool but still practical to own AWD/4WD vehicle?


Keep the DurtyMax!


Lol, it’s a great truck! No doubt about that. I just haven’t hauled anything in like 6 months and have no plans to in the near future, and it’s not getting driven much. I also got a killer deal on it when I bought it a couple years ago so I’m gonna make money on the sale. I can snag something else for less than half of what I’m gonna sell this for, so it wouldn’t be a wise move for me to hang onto it and let it depreciate and sort of waste away. If I had any real use for it I’d be keeping it for a long time.


I can’t help but project. I’m in the market for a 3/4 ton Chevy or GMC 4x4 truck pre 2008. I’m leaning toward the 6.0 as you can throw insane power on it cheaply, and the 4L80e trans can take it.


Nice! Well let me know if you change your mind and want the '05 Duramax with the 5-speed Allison and you want to travel to Ohio to get it, lol.

They really are great trucks. I wish I had a reason to keep it, but it’s dumb for me to do so. But hopefully I’ll find a sweet replacement! Right now I’ve got a boatload of eBay watch lists from the suggestions in this thread.

On another note, I had no idea I could find an International Scout for so cheap.


the stock 4L80e trans has been the bane of my existence for 2 different trucks now. now if i had kept my upgraded repair trans from truck to truck then yes it would be a different story but stock ones are crap.


What is going out on it? Are you towing a lot and often? What vehicle?
Those transmissions are usually good for at least 150k miles. However, when rebuilt, are renowned for their toughness.


the sun gear took a nose dive on me at about 100k miles on both. and a few other of the weaker parts also went when the sun gear decided to break into a hundred pieces. never towed more than a few hundred pounds of gear every few months. one was a cheyene 1500 from 99 the other was a blazer from 89 with a k5 body. rebuilt and upgraded internals is a tank but stock is a disaster waiting to happen.


Neither of those vehicles use a 4L80e.

Half ton trucks used the 4L60, 4L60e, or 4L65e

89 Blazer woudl still be using a Turbo Hydromatic, as the 4L80e wasn’t introduced until 1992.

The 4L60 and similar are known for being shit.


:S my blazer was second hand lifted and had the 4L80e . i dunno why my Cheyene was using it got it second hand as well from my brother in law.


Oh, so you didn’t have these vehicles from new, and don’t know what sort of care or choices the previous owner made with the vehicles, except that one was grossly modified, presumably to fit larger tires, which - news flash - puts a huge fucking strain on the transmission.

You don’t know shit about the 4L80e. You’re banned from talking about it ever again.


as far as the lift goes it was not that massive 4 inches. there were some mods done to the suspension. the tires were wider more than they were taller for mud runs i would assume. and as far as i know the blazer should of had the best maintenance of the two. and still the 4l80e should of been able to handle the extra stress of wider tires much better than it did so my point of them being shit as stock stands.


The 4L80e is essentially an updated TH400. Both of which are considered to be among the very best transmissions of all time.

There is a reason the previous owner wanted to get rid of the vehicle. They probably did something stupid and wanted to get rid of it before it failed completely.

Get your transmissions rebuilt and you should have no problem. Just use a reputable transmission shop (do your research) and make sure they understand the vehicle characteristics, and your intended purpose.

Go ahead and google it. The 4L80e is practically God’s transmission - it’s that good.


and as you stated have it rebuilt not stock. stock is a rebuild waiting to happen. rebuild it and upgrade the internals and your good to go. stock is a turd


no. not at all. not even close. not even in this galaxy.
google it.


my experience= turd
google lol i trust google for two things to serve ads and sell my info.


Your experience is based on swapping junkyard transmissions into other vehicles.
Come on, you gotta admit that your scenario is far from average.
Most people just drive unmodified vehicles. Lifted bro dozers are way different than the daily driven unmodified trucks people use for work and recreation.


i drove daily 80 miles 75 of which was highway miles and i dont think they were junkyard sawps but i could be wrong. and when you have a work van for my dad89 ford econoline 250 with 1.5 million miles and the stock trans vs 2 that broke down before 150k miles i say turd.


so a vehicle he bought new and was the only driver of?


was second hand had 190k miles on it when bought. we knew first owner and there way of keeping things up to date for maintenance .


if you ask me what trans model the ford had i have no idea i never had to fuss with it so i never needed to know. only thing i needed to know was how much do i put in it after a drain. never had to replace the pan gasket or the filter. now ask me what trans i have had issues with and i can name them. only 3 vehicles that i have ever had to get rid of had trans issues. the rest were usually motors dodge 300 (reliant k ) head gasket went followed by piston moments later. ford ranger seized from flood damage. and a few wrecks that were not my fault that totaled the body of the vehicle.