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What's the most fun/weird/interesting/cool but still practical to own AWD/4WD vehicle?


When I had my Outback XT I dreamed of it being a WRX/STi wagon instead. I could get back in the game with a WRX.

If I could find an old FJ without paying by the kidney, or a clean Bronco, I’d jump all over it.


Don’t know if any are in the wild yet, but I really want me one of the Bollinger B1’s:


Ask OJ if he needs his still?


I would definitely recommend the honda cr-v 01-06 or the suzuki grand vitara 98-05. These cars are super reliable and are just awesome for four wheel driving on tough terrain.


I’d drive OJ’s Bronco. Maybe it’s still in impound. If GTAV has taught me anything over the years, it’s that getting a car out of impound is a piece of cake.

If I had $1,000 lying around to drop on a reservation, followed by ~$100k stashed to pay for it, I’d be all over that. It’s basically an electric bronco-styled Jeep. Last I’d seen they didn’t have price goals set, so that’s nice to see.

Ahh, another rec for the Suvrolet Vitracker, eh? Yeah they weren’t on my radar much before, but I’ll be giving them a closer look. Mostly they seem like a great little truck to just mod the shit out of and beat to hell, but that would be a lot of fun.


I own a 2003 Jeep liberty KJ that I absolutely love. Its got a bunch of miles on it but its been a trooper.

When my job changed recently that required me to do a lot of freeway travel I came to the conclusion that I needed a more comfortable on road vehicle that gets better gas mileage but I wanted AWD at the very minimum since winters can be harsh here at times.

I took a look at Jeep’s offerings and was floored when I discovered most of their new models after fiat took over don’t even include a spare tire!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

What self respecting vehicle, dares to call itself a jeep, doesn’t come with a spare tire, much less a full sized one they are known for?

I instead went and bought a Subaru, and for what I needed it is almost perfect.


Lol. Yeah for a Jeep that seems a bit odd. It’s a styling trait and use trait! That being said, when people complain about their tiny sedan not coming with a spare I can’t really take it seriously. I haven’t needed to change a tire on the roadside in like 6 years.

On of my cars is a Fiat 500 Abarth, and there’s nowhere they’d even be able to keep a spare tire. The car is absolutely tiny, but I love it.


Sorry, but that is not a Bronco…
It’s a Bronco 2, the full size Broncos’ little cousin. Made from 1984 to 1990. I’ve had several and really like them. It has the same running gear and suspension as the Ranger of the same years.


splitting hairs


I own a 99 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo I’ve been driving it since 2000 best car I’ve ever owned so far I’ve killed a Buick and 2 moose with it. Its formed a weird electrical glitch here over the past two years, but all i have to do is reset the brain and it clears.


My brother has a first gen Lexus LX450. It’s basically Lexus badging on a sixth gen Land Cruiser J80.

This thing is a damn tank. It’s got over 260k miles on it, and we’ve taken it up mountain roads, snowy mountain passes, mud, etc. Unstoppable off road, slow as garbage everywhere else though.


Hmm. I have no memory about posting to this thread and reading through I can’t tell what the fuck I was even trying to say, I guess the whiskey took a toll on me.
Sorry guys, lol


Subaru Forrester probablly.
Or if you need something more robust, Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubitsi Pajero.


I still think the lifted Subaru Brat is the most fun and yet weirdly practical AWD vehicle:

Edit: runner-up would be a lifted Subie wagon:


Ahh interesting idea there! I like it.

At least you were talking about cars while drunk rather than driving them! No harm no foul, mate.

I’ve been hunting for Brats! Every example I’ve found is in absolutely terrible condition. Rust all over the damn place, paint gone to shit, destroyed interiors. They’ve been a mess! If I chose to go down the road of selecting more of a project vehicle though, I’d hunt for one with the only requirement being a decent body. They don’t cost much, so I could probably build it into something great for less than 8 or 10 grand, and honestly probably way less than that since I’m willing to do the work myself. I hadn’t thought of a lifted one though (great idea), and I’ve never seen one of those bed covers for one, but now I’d have to get one of those as well if I ended up with one!

For example:

Rust, trashed interior, mismatched transmission, electrical problems, and who the hell knows the mileage on anything so it’s a full rebuild all around. And he wants over $2k as a starting bid! Crazy talk. The only brat on Autotrader is listed at $15k, which is a joke. Tough market since they aren’t very common, I guess.


The AMC Eagle comes to mind.


How have I never heard of this car?!? What a stupid, beautiful, terrible, wonderful vehicle.


All depends on where you look (even has the rear-facing bucket seats!):

Ok shape, but has the T-top!


Oddly enough. I’ve seen a few of these setup as turbo drag cars. They’re quick if you work them over the right way. Glad to spread some knowledge. Cheers


The Spirit as well. One car I don’t see listed is the Volvo XC. A little luxury and ride height to go with your AWD.