What ROM do you use as your daily driver?

Just today i flash back CM10.1 on my galaxy S2... And I'm loving it...What about you guys?


I use The avatar rom for my Razr. Its basically CM 10.1, but with MIUI Theming options.

CM10.1 on my HTC Vivid.

I use a small rom known as CarbonRom on my Nexus 4. Simple but I love it :)

My own, based on CM 10.2, I also compile my own kernels.

IM forced to use my original rom, I tried others, but for somereason even though im using the original radio, i have no signal and lose volume...


Oh and this is on a Samsung Galaxy s3 i9300

You've probably tried the false localisation. Check the localisation of the stock ROM that works for you, and install a ROM that is compatible with that localisation.

Yeah, Im not a heavy modder like i used to on my HTC Aria.... so that kinda went right over my head, care to elaborate?

Just go into your settings and about device, and mark the letter combination at the end of the build number at the bottom. That is the localisation code. For instance I'm in Germany and my build code ends with XXLQE, which means "Luxemburg version" in Samsung localisation terms, which is the version for Western Continental Europe. Often a localisation code will be a little off, for instance there is also a Samsung build localisation for Central Europe, of which Germany is a part, yet that localisation doesn't work in Germany, but the Luxembourg one does. You can find a list of the codes on the XDA developers forum. Any ROM with these same build localisation code as the stock ROM will work on your device. You might have to update the radio also (the radio is also localised), for that check the radio requirements in the XDA thread you get the link to the ROM you want to use from. For some ROMs, you need a modified kernel also, because of particular performance enhancements that are not present in the stock kernel, you'll also find a thread on that in the XDA forum for your phone.

An important thing to do is to make your device unbrickable before you do anything. That is a great advantage of Samsung phones. Check Adam Outlers contributions on XDA on how to do that. It's very easy to do. You can't simply run a live DVD of Ubuntu to prepare and flash your phone, because you'll have to install quite a few packages first, like Heimdall, so install Ubuntu to a spare part of a harddisk somewhere, or even an external USB storage device of some kind, even a USB stick, or use a live USB-stick with a few megs of extra storage space on it. Any other linux distro will do too, but the howto manuals and videos by Adam Outler are for Ubuntu, so I would suggest that to keep it simple.

You can be sure that everything that is on the XDA forum functions, if you follow the guidelines, because Samsung people are on there to keep an eye on things. Another advantage of Samsung phones, besides the unbrickability and the far superior internal build quality.

I could probably copy from the XDA dev forum how to specifically do it, but they explain it a million times better, so I suggest heading over to xda-developers.com, making an account, reading up on what's possible with your device for your build code, downloading the tools and ROM, possibly radios and kernel, that you want, and following the instructions provided.

Have fun!

Oh Great, im on xxemc2, So ill look into that, Iv already found a rom called Delta rom to look into, and yeah.... Im pretty sure my root kit also did the unbrickable stuff along side installing busy box and all that jazz


Oh and iv been a XDA Member... for a long time now.. More of a Lurker though I have the same user name there

Ok so that failed first attempt, I tried it, and  found that the build number was differant In the actual rom... and that the aroma installer didnt have the correct csc available for my country anyways..


Paranoid Andriod. Its smooth, runs great, and i like the look of minimalism i can achive with the dpi options. need to smooth out the 4.3 scene though. Nexus 4+Nexus 7

Rootbox all the way!

Love this ROM. I get AOKP, CM, AND AOSPA. I have my optimus g set up for pie mode, with the button lights off and the buttons themselves de-activated. It's also easy to switch between that and tablet mode using expanded desktop, which I really like (even though that's mostly just AOSPA features). However, AOKP allows ribbons, and turning off the lockscreen page hints, as well as the new super freaking awesome menu scrolling animations (those impress all my friends, despite being the most useless feature. Apple knows that best though, dazzle them with pretty and they forget about true features) and CM is just a lovely base. Their stock messaging app was awesome for me until I got sliding messaging (hard to explain, but it negates the need for using the actual app. Think of halo, but only for texting, and it launches a more full features minature texting app. It's pay only though :( )

I am running a Verizon 32GB verison of the Galaxy Nexus and I use Shiny AOSP My friend converted me from built up roms to pure AOSP.  It runs so nice and smooth, no more data wiping.  Taking steps to learn how to do simple mods so I can customize some things.

I run CTmod on my LG Marquee. Couldn't be happier. My battery life went from ~3hrs with stock 2.3.4, to ~12hrs with CT. Super minimalist. Easy to use.

Of course, I'm realizing more and more these days that I have almost no use for a phone, but that's another story.

EDIT: Sorry for digging an old thread up, I had several tabs open, and meant to respond to something else. My bad!

ATM I'm trying out SlimBean. All black ROM on oled is niiiiiiiiice (battery woo!)

i run cm 10.2 on my gs3 and nexus 7 

I'm using AOSP JLS36I Android 4.3.1 on my Xperia Z. Works like a charm.

i use carbon rom

This works quite well on my Droid DNA as well. It runs Chameleon launcher better than the standard ROM from HTC.