What ram+mobo should I get for (m-atx) AM4?

What should I watch out for when looking to buy ram for my ryzen build? I'm set on having 2x8 gigs(total 16GB memory) running 2400MHz or higher.
I'm getting a 1700 8-core, going to use it with the stock cooler for now.
For the mobo I'm interested in the MSI mortar B350M for now but you're invited to give me suggestions on a m-atx am4 mobo. With bios updates every month now are m-atx B350 boards ok? for mem OC and cpu OC ? Would I be able to comfortably play out different OCs with a B350 board?
Going to run the system on 2560x1080 and 2560x1440p monitors - (finally bought those)
Does ram clock really matter at these resolutions /for gaming of course/?

Go to 10:40 in the video to skip some of his rambling. Basically, they are all bad for OCing 8-core CPUs. The least-bad choice is the MSI 4+2 design. The "MSI B350 Gaming Pro" is a 3+2, so avoid it. All the rest of MSI's MATX lineup are fine for OCing the CPU, just make sure the VRMs have a heatsink. Gigabyte also make some that are okay I guess. Avoid ASUS and AsRock's micro-atx designs.

For ram, check the mobo's memory QVL and also make sure the latest BIOS for whatever board you pick has AEISA 1.006 or w/e . The older release is 1004 and not all microatx mobos have been updated to the newest microcode update yet. That microcode update helps memory compatibility and performance.

Better RAM matters for Ryzen gaming by about 2-8%, depending upon the game.

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I would personally recommend to go just ATX.
And then just buy a decent X370 board if you want to get the best performance out of a R7 cpu.

The B350 boards are pretty poor wenn it comes to vrm implementations.
The best B350 boards are the Msi B350 Gamning pro carbon, and the Msi B350 krait gaming, those particular boards have a 4+2 powerphase design, but with doubled up components on each phase.
Which means that they have some of the highest current capabilities of all B350 boards.
But the quality and efficiency of the used Nikos mosfers on Msi boards arent that great.
But if you put enough of those crappy mosfets on a phase, then combined they dont suck as bad.
Like Buildzoid also mentioned in his video.

As i have looked to the vrm implementations of pretty much any B350 boards myself.
And they are all pretty cheap stuff.
I personally would not recommend them for overclocking R7 cpu's really.
You are definitelly better off getting a decent X370 board.
But there is not really much choice wenn it comes to m-atx unfortunatlly.

list of boards that i could recommend in order.


1: Asrock X370 professional gaming.
2: Asrock X370 Taichi.
3: Asus Crosshair 6 Hero.
4: Aorus X370 Gaming K7.
5: Biostar X370 Racing G7.


1: Aorus X370 gaming 5.
2: Asus X370 prime pro.
3: Asrock X370 Gaming K4.
4: Asrock X370 Killer Sli.

Memory recommendations:

  • G.skill Trident Z kits.
  • G.skill FlareX kits.

If you are still looking for a small formfactor pc regardless.
Then there is a decent mini itx option from Asrock.
The Asrock X370 Gaming ITX.

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No good boards out that ATM in that form factors Hoping Threadripper will have more luck AMD gets poor choices in anything but ATX at the moment.

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Thanks guys, I've changed my mind now and will start looking into X370 ATX boards.
Since those boards are more exposed to different ram configs I'm not that worried about compatibility.
Also I'm definitely considering G.Skill ram modules. 90% sure I'd go for some of those.