What program do you use to burn media in Linux?

I've been a long time Imgburn user, since converting to Linux, I'd like to get the Linux equivalent or a better program? (I'm trying to take the 1 year challenge seriously by not installing all windows programs through wine on Linux)

As always, thanks in advance for any advice.

K3B.... I've got bad experience with Brasero.


Thank you sir!

If you want to burn a image (iso) to a flash drive than the built it 'Disks' tool in many distros works well.


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I assume you mean to CDs and DVDs? Haven't used them in a year but I normally used k3b for a lot of that.


Thank you gentleman. Yes, I mean CDs and DVDs. I am a firm believer that the optical media age is coming to an end; Unfortunately my family has an issue with keeping their copies of stuff I give them (Yes, we have legit keys). Like my Dad asks me for Microsoft office about every 6 months or so and I get random requests to copy old tax software so he can help our friends and family with previous year's income tax. Plus I was backing up all my legit copies of games for my Xbox 360 and I back up my blu rays so they don't get scratched. I would compress them onto a hard drive and stream them but I think the quality gets lost by doing that.

What's that?

AFAIK you cannot use dd to burn optical drives. You might make an iso and than use growisofs to burn it to optical disk.

I used to use the command line utility cdrecord.

I use cdw.

You have a lot of choices here. XFBurn and K3B are the ones I use most. Every time I've used Brasero it has given me problems. If you're hardcore you could use dd like bradscoolio.

I didn't know that, lel. I was being slightly facetious because he wanted something easy to use.
Brasereo is pretty good, it comes pre-installed on a lot of distros.

K3B has worked well in every distro I've used ( Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo . It just works and has some nice features.

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I don't have good experience with Brasero. Maybe I had bad luck with CD/DVD Burner hardware, but Brasero would often ruin my optical disks, while K3B always worked fine. It says a lot about application if I'm willing to introduce KDE libraries to my GTK based DE in order to use it :)

I never knew what all the fuss was about, when I used gtk based DEs and had a dvd drive I always had K3B, it was just the best option. Same with a lot of software. Same reason I have chrome and firefox on a qt/kde based system.

K3b <3 always worked.

I use xfburn.

I just got this too, this looks to be about my speed. Thank you.