What PC case are you using at the moment?


gutted the original fans replaced with typhoons and delta 5k's and cooler master 80 mm side fans. gutted the built in fan controller gutted the top usb ports and gutted the memory card expansion bay.   dont use it pull it out for a nice clean inside.  all in all great case few mods needed to make it a perfect case for me.

Nzxt Phantom FTW! Drilled some custom holes to fit a corsair h110 and my temps are amazing. I love the 200/230mm side fan, massive, quiet, constant airflow on my crazy hot 990fxa chipset. Decent upgrade from an Antec 1100 which also had great airflow. Not my pc below, mines on my profile though.

Cm Storm Trooper

Its got enough room for just about anything you want to throw in it. It doeas have a lot of plastic on it though, which is something I'm not a huge fan of.

Using a Phantom 410 right now. I saw the case long before I got into PC hardware, but I knew that if I was to ever build a computer I would use a Phantom. I actually wanted to get a full tower Phantom, but it was just too big for my desk, but the 410 is great!






Right now I'm using the Antec Nine Hundred:

It's been a good case, but I'm planning to upgrade the NZXT Phantom this summer. Here's what I like and dislike about my Antec Nine Hundred:


- Solid steel construction on the majority of the case.  Non-steel parts are hard plastic that do not feel flimsy and haven't broken after 3 years of use

- Nice aesthetics, I love the black case with blue LED fans!

- dat 200mm fan, it moves all the air!  Quietly!

- It's not the biggest case, but it does have a good amount of room for installing the motherboard and other components


- Cable management is damn near impossible.  No grommets to route cables behind the motherboard, and the hard drive cages are oriented front to back making cable management even worse

- No dust filters, this thing is a dust magnet.

- No option to mount the PSU upside-down, forcing it to draw in hot air from the case

- Cannot mount a dual radiator in the case.  The top does not have any room for it, and the hard drive cages are not removable.

- Hard drives were extremely difficult to install.  I damn near had to force the hard drive into place.

- My front audio ports don't work :(

Overall, despite all of the cons, the Nine Hundred has treated me well.  And despite the bad cable management, airflow is still good, and my components have stayed cool.  However, I will be replacing it with the Phantom, for it has insane airflow (all of the 200mm fans!), excellent cable management, fan filters everywhere except the front (I'm buying one for it), and plenty of room for watercooling if I ever decide to do that.

I'm using the case from a HP Pavilion 752n that I've modified slightly to accomodate a 120mm rear fan and a longer power supply. It's this really peculiar purplish-grey color, but it holds my system well and it has a nice shape to it. I have plans in the future of cleaning up the cuts on the inside of it, closing up most of the outside of it with plastic filler, and replainting it with spray-enamel. Which isn't actually enamel, but paint with a much tougher finish than standard.

currently using no case. haha.

Cooler Master HAF X, so far for more than 2 1/2 years. Screw being so slick looking. Make it look like the Stone Henge.

I'm using an Antec Solo for my main rig at the moment.

Sound deadening panels, elastic suspension for my data drive and soft mounted 12cm fan at the back combined with a Ninja on the mb.

I don't know the brand, but it is beastly:



i have a Tt armor+ vh6000bws a massive and weighty unit


i'm using a full tower phantom. it's amazing and huge. The only problem is it weight literally more than me because I have 5 optical drives in there for no reason other than just because I can

I currently using the Zalman Z9 Plus. I think its an excellent case for the money as i got it quite cheap on offer. It has a very handy LED at the front displaying the temperature (fan controller) which i like a lot and blue LEDS that look cool but im not too fussed about. Its also strong, sturdy and pretty high quality which is good.



Antec 1100

Practically every casse I have ever had before this has just been a lowest price piece of shit you could imagine.

I am not claiming its the best... it was just extremely decent for the price

Corsair 200r, slightly modded.  I can't stand acrylic windows, neon lights, alien shapes, or any other gimmicks  or gaudiness.  Did all that last decade.



Currently I'm using the Fractal Design XL. Its an awesome case and I highly recommend it. I had an NZXT Hades before that, also a brilliant case, but the build quality of the Fractal is amazing. It's also really quiet too as it has sound insulating materials at the front and sides. Only donwside to this case is the weight of it, which is only a downside when you buy it in a town and the only parking was half a mile down the road...

an R4 

Antec 900 V1, I've had this for years...

I recently stuffed water cooling into it too...

I have really liked the case, but with 'now-a-days' standards, I'd like the internal of the case black aslo.


Case Labs Magnum M8 Case


Love this case really well built and designed.

I'm using a case that my PC came with. This was before I knew how to build a PC...


I'll be buying a CM Storm Stryker in the upcoming months for my new build.