What PC case are you using at the moment?


This one is my PC case. It's been discontinued, so if you think about getting it now, sorry.

It's not a good case, I wish I had something better such as the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 or something made by BitFenix or NZXT, I don't recommend buying it (at least you can't anymore :D). Has lots of room, made of metal, big case, looks nice as well (also heavy)

Cons: The front panel ports are very flimsy, it attracts lots of dust (I have to clean this once or twice a month, the normal time range is about once every 6 months to a year in most cases), the fan in the door gives me a worrying feeling sometimes when I take off the door to clean out dust, the power button is finicky at times, it's kind of loud, cable management is a problem, some owners reported the air flow is spotty (so far nothing has happened to me)

So yeah, overall, look for a better case, I am certain to get rid of this case and find something better once I upgrade.

Well, I don't have a budget to go off of or a motherboard size, so I'll cover everything.


For the most luxurious system in the history of all alternative universes: MurderMox MK II.


Best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best: Case Labs

My favorite Case Labs are the M8, S3, and ST10.


Knock your socks off, with some modification, are the SilverStone TJ07 and TJ11. Fantastic when watercooled, but they are older cases, so the cable management and everything needs to be.... updated through modification, and usually a custom motherboard tray.


The following are fantastic: Corsair Obsidian and NZXT Phantom

I really like the 900D, and the NZXT Phantom 820.

These are great cases, but have some flaws or 'lower quality' parts, but are overall great: Fractal Design, NZXT Switch 8xx, and Corsair T series, and the cheaper Corsair D series.

I am in love with my personal Fractal Design XL (R1), but it is discontinued. The R2 is much better, overall.   I also love the Corsair 600T, 500R, and 650D. The Switch 810 is great for watercooling - there are lots of platsic parts, though.


Cheaper cases that are still great are the Corsair 400, 300, and 200 R series, Fractal Design Core, Fractal Arc, and Fractal Design Node 304.

Cardboard boxes.

I have a Bitfenix Shenobi XL, with custom Orange trim and Orange Badge.


  • Its a good sturdy case. 
  • Nice side panels that barley flex. 
  • Lots of watercooling support (2x360, 1x120, 1x240 4x External gromets)
  • Lots a accessories, such as the trim and badges. (Although I painted them myself, as I have done alot of spray painting before)
  • Lots of cable management (motherboard tray gromets and plenty of room behind it)
  • Nice large CPU motherboard cut out.
  • Comes with 2x230mm fans and a 120mm which are damn quite (keep them if air cooling)
  • 4x USB 3.0 and the dedicated charging port is really nice to have.


  • You do lose the 3 lower optical bays and the HDD bays if you install a front 360mm (Although not a problem if using only SSDs). 
  • Case does get a bit flexable if there is no HDD bays or optical bay plates installed, though optical doesn't have to removed it does provide a much bigger rad with push/pull then.
  • If you wish to use a thicker rad in the roof and use push/pull, you will have to modify the top panel, so that the fans can go between the top of the case and the bezel. (Theres supports for the mesh that get in the way)
  • Bottom 2x120 fan filters are not quickly removeable as they bolt to fan mounts (the PSU one just slides out though?!)
  • The soft touch material used for the bezels doesn't quite match the paint finish/colour.
  • Front/Top bezel does feel like your gunna break them as you remove them.
  • Front I/O is attached to top bezel. (provides a clean look, but can be a pain up the ass)
  • Cable Gromets are a little lose, and could do with glueing in.

Overall a great budget watercooling case, lots of options and lots of room for custom modding and watercooling.

He asked what you are using, not a list of every case under the sun :P

Holy windbag batman.......

Well, I'm using a Cooler Master HAF XM. Unlike the above posts, I'll simply say that I like my case.


Im using the thor v2.


Looks good and gets the job done so no complaints :)

+1 for the Cooler Master HAF XM, This case is huge with LOTS of room for cable management.


You can check out the full specs of my PC in my profile.

I'm currently using a Fractal Design Define R4


It has amazing cable management options, is virtually silent, has plenty of airflow, and a nice minimalistic look which I quite like. 

HAF 912 Advanced

It's your little/big ATX monster. Transport it, mount that beast, it doesn't matter. It has just everything. Even an 8th expansionslot. I think it's the perfect normal size ATX case. (aesthetics are another thing)



Rosewill Blackhawk Mid-ATX Case, I'm going to replace this with a Bitfenix Shinobi White w/ Window and stick like 4 white LED Case fans on it.

NZXT Lexa S, It's a good case, but cable management is a pain in the ass

Thermaltake V3 BE... it sucks balls it's the best i could find near me cause i'm sure as hell i wont ship a case all the way form the US...


really i dont even see the point in adding 2x120 fan mounts at the top if there is absolutely no room for a fan to go there.

Rosewill Challenger. I feel like theres little room behind the motherboard for cable managment so I didn't even try. Theres a ball of cables on top of the hard drive but it doesn't seem like its impacting airflow much.

Sharkoon T9 (black/white) only cost me £40 



Im using an Antec Eleven hundred, i quite enoy it especially for the price http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129178

I'm using the HAF 912.  It's a great budget case.  I particularly like the 200mm fan support.  The cable management isn't that great and the case itself isn't particularly roomy, but it gets the job done and provides plenty of airflow.

For a $50 case, I'm satisfied.

Xigmatek Utgard.
It's been discontinued, which is no surprise. The hardrive cage cannt be modified and sits inside the 5.25" drive bays at the front. Mounting hardrives inside of it is ABYSMAL. It is near impossible to get the screws where you need them to go. If I want to add a hardrive, the motherboard needs to be removed.

It has a fan controller, but if you turn the fans lower than max, the controller heats up immensly.

The cable routing is sub-par and there are plenty of plasticky bits that pivot and slide that should not. It seems since this has been discontinued, Xigmatek got their shit together and fixed most of these issues.
I want to replace this thing, but the budget does not allow for it. Would kill for a 600T or a Define R4. 

Current cases:

Cooler Master Stacker - old original stacker, have cross-flow fan for it, wheels are win!

Enermax FS-981XPSS - this ancient heavy thing once held my P4, massive amounts of space, wheels!

Rosewill Thor V2 - EATX love, bottom PSU, Cable mangement, barely room for my 240x120mm rad

Enlight EN-8950 - Very spacious, poor door, fine for server, wheels!

Raidmax Smilodon - Fold down mobo tray not so awesome w/ a closed loop cooler.

Cooler Maser HAF 912 - Great case for the price, often under $50

Cooler Master Elite 331 - cheap case, classy look.

Also using a few cases from 10 years ago I dont remember the brand/model of.


I have a coolermaster silencio.  

looks sleek. Cable management is good. Realy quiet because of the sound dampening foam but this also makes everything run around 10c hotter.


here is my case. It's the NZXT M59.

I just ordered the Fractal R4 for a new build.