What PC case are you using at the moment?

I am using an antec 300. There are much better ones out now, but 5 years ago, it was a great layout with cable management and great functional airflow. I got 5 fans on it. 3x 12cm intake and the included exhaust fans.

I'm running a Define XL, as well. Fantastic case, just sadly compartmentalized, an problem fixed with the R2.

Mind posting some pics? I love seeing a Case Labs in the wild; I'll be ordering my M8 in a month, or two, for my upcoming loop.

Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced USB 3.0


Nice one, good cable management, has everything I need.

I'm very satisfied.

MYOPENPC DOMA Pro clear acrylic

Just got myself a Fractal Design XL R2 awesome case but heavy.

I am hungry... perhaps I...

im using a Corsair C70 black. its pretty sweet.

nzxt switch 810 in matte black, love it simply the best case Ive ever owned.

coolermaster cosmos II   probably the last case ill ever buy

I've got the Corsair 200r. Its great 

Bitfenix Prodigy

The Sharkoon Vaya Value, basicly it was the cheapest USB3.0+sidewindow case at the time.

Node 304, it's so sexy I wish I could... never mind. Here's a crappy pick,notice how the desk lamp totally dwarfs it.

I'm using a MSI TC 128 case.



isn't too big


No cable management

No intake fans

my 212 Evo scratches on my side panel, i have to use some tape.

Absolutely zero workspace

I'm using a stock case from hp. Not sure what kind, rather modern.

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything about this case sucks. I hate it so much i wish I could throw it off a cliff. You don't understand...

Corsair 350D with full side window.

Cosmos II

Gonna throw out some little-seen love for my Zalman Z9 plus. It could do for some gromits for cable management, and it can get kind of dusty (the side panel has grating rather than a window, so it needs regular cleaning), but its got great airflow. Just wish it had front panel USB 3. :-(

CM storm scout 2 advanced

Coolermaster Storm Scout II Advanced

3 pre-installed case fans (two LED fans at the front, 1 exhaust fan) plenty of room even for a Hyper 212 EVO (which is one of the larger CPU coolers available)