What mouse do you use and why?

I'm looking for a new mouse along the lines of a Death Adder or the Zowie EC2 (not a ton of butons, smaller), and I'm curious what everyone here has. 

Corsair M65. Simplistic, good weight(adjustable), fairly cheap, up to 8200 dpi, amazing software, color variety. I would have typed all of this in a nice paragraph but frankly I'm too lazy(and I've typed recommendations for this mouse a billion times lol)



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Deathadder, no problems. Friend just got the 2013 one. I like how it suits my claw/palm hybrid grip that alternatevs on my posture ( lazy leans more toward palm, my grip becomes more claw like when I game) I highly reccomend it, but make sure to buy it at a place where you can return it if anything goes haywire. I love it. My settings are 1100dpi and 8 acceleration.

Some cheap Logitech, that came with my MK120 combo. Because I ran out of money.

... It's surprisingly good.

Hope that covers everything ;D

I have a Logitech G600. Reason? I am a high-DPI gamer, and use the buttons for both Windows and Linux hotkeys, such as CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-ALT-T, etc. I love having a ring-finger button, as well, which I have set to K, which is my go-to hotkey in games, and is quite useful. I like using the different profiles for gaming, Blender, Fruity Loops, Sublime Text, etc., in which I have configured a few common hotkeys, as well. Great mouse, fantastic precision, up to an extremely impractical 8200 DPI (I game around 5000ish), and generally enjoy the wide size.

Thanks, good to know... I'll see about looking for a local store.

How does the "sniper button" work out in practicality? 

Make sure if you use bestbuy to pricematch amazon or newegg for the mouse regardless of which one if you get it from bestbuy

Logitech G5 blue crackle version. I'm using it because I bought it a long time ago when it was the most popular mouse around. I don't like the textured plastic feel much but I don't see a reason to update just yet.

*M65 owner here*

the "sniper buttoms affects the dpi to what every you set it to. usually lower than your average, hence "sniper" but if you so desired you can change it in the software to go fast.

As you are holding down the sniper button it lowers the DPI so you can get a more accurate shot. it changes dynamically and in real time so as soon as you press/release it, it goes back to the dpi mode you were set in before.

there are technecally 4 dpi modes 1,2,3,sniper.      These are the lights you see under the scroll wheel. you can adjust them all however you want in the software.

I have 1 @ 1500dpi

2 @ 2400            (normal)

3 @ 4000            (when i need to flail the mouse)

sniper @ 1100     for accurate click & sniping

corsair M65 (black)   It's not ergonomic but i love it! the matte finish on the top is very nice and the side have a rough grippyness to them (kinda like really fine abrassive apper) It has all the buttons i need maybe 1 short. and the scroll wheel is very hefty (I like a hefty scroll wheel). It also has adjustable weights in it so you can wither have it lighter or heavier. I prefer just 1 in the back and the other 2 on my desk. that combined with the aluminum body it's very sturdilly built All it's a VERY nice mouse and it recieve the recognition it deserves

I use the Logitech G9X. I just like the way it looks and feels. I used to use a razer lachesis but it felt very cheap.

I use the Razer Taipan, it has a nice textured feeling to it and overall feels like it's made of very good quality materials. I also think it is one of the best looking mice on the market.

I like you Profile pic. Also I have the razer Naga MOLTEN EDITION its cool looking. It works for my MMO games.

I have a logi g400, love it to bits. since im a low sens player(85cm/360), i needed somthing that could track nice'n fast.

I was tossing between the DA and the g400, chose the g400 for the lower price and the fact it dosnt look like a toy.

Also the DA to me looks like one of the cheap ebay "gaming mice" with lights and tacky plastic.

The g400 has served me well in cs @400 dpi with no mouse spazzez to speak of! Alose fits my hand like a glove, tad small, but thats be being too picky.

The mousepad I uses is a qck+ Glides like a feather on a babys bum

I have Logitech G700. Its one of those wireless/wired mouse but it's way too expensive for what it is. I would not recommend it. The good thing about it is feel of it. I could use it for long gaming sessions without my had starting to hurt or it getting tired.

I use a Logitech g300. The reason i got it was it was cheap ($30) and it has a very ergomic shape, good for my palm grip.

i actually just got my Mionix Naos 8200 in 2 weeks ago after seeing its review here. i LOVE THIS MOUSE. it replaced a logitech mx518 that was aging. what i love about my naos is the button placement and the ergo, everything is near perfection, it has a pinky rest as well. the coating on it is great, it feels.... sexy in your hand.

I have the Gigabyte m6900. I found it on sale a while ago for £3

I have the Mionix Naos 3200. It is a good mouse but not great. Its a really comfortable and attractive mouse with too high of a lift off distance.