What mouse do you use and why?

A logitech B100 its cheap and it just works as its supposed to

I use Logitech G400. The sensor is flawless and it fits my fingertip grip perfectly.

I've got an A4tech X7 F7. It suits my budget and my hands almost perfectly. I just couldn't find a bigger one :/

i use a cheap 10USD mouse from TRUST :D but i want to update to:

any recommendations?

I use the microsoft Sidewinder x5 because it was 3 dollars at goodwill :D


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Join the glorious G400 master race.

I have the Razer Deathadder 3500dpi and LOVE IT. At first I hated it because I came from a cheap non-gaming mouse and used fingertip grip. Once I learn of palm style grips, I fell in love. The Deathadder is large enough to be comfortable, it has a profile switching button on the bottom (so you don’t accidently press it) and only 5 well placed buttons. I love using it for FPS games. You can also control the lighting. Plus you also get the Synapes software/driver. I love the macro key functionality for BF3, in just one click: Pull out defibrillators, resurrect team mate, switch defibrillators for primary rifle and keep the fight going… all in 3 seconds flat. Some consider it cheating, but I can’t deny the usefulness of the feature. 

If you don’t have a mouse pad, I’d recommend the Razer Sphex. It’s hard and super thin. On a black desk, you won't notice it (which I like, I don’t like how gaudy Razer can be sometimes ^__^). It is so thin that if you roll off the side, you can easily roll back on without lifting the mouse. A mouse pad really backs all the difference of smooth fast effortless movement. 

Currently using Corsair M90, it's meh. The software that Corsair used on the M60/M90 is TERRIBLE. I understand it's improved though on the M95 and M65? Anyone able to confirm?

I have a mouse called E-3lue mazer. Its a knock off razer mouse made in china (the box has chinese written all over it). I replaced an old kingsinton mouse i bought on sale when comp usa was going out of business. It was only $18 on amazon and i love it! takes a day to get used to, but for $18 it competes pretty well compared to the higher priced gaming mice. 

After much research, Logitech wireless Performance MX mouse w/ matching K800 wireless KB.

Needed wireless, wanted a mouse that I can grab without being so small that my hands feel like I'm holding a marble (arthritis focused issues), can charge/use at same time, and use on ANY surface, even my body! I don't FPS, so no real focus on the nitty gritty #s.

I have a Mionix Naos 8200. It has 2 thumb buttons as well as dpi up and down. The led's can be changed to any RGB colour. The reason i love it is becouse of the area to rest my ring finger and my pinky finger, however this lends itself to a palm grip and not really meant for claw grip. 

Overall a great mouse with all the dpi you will ever need lol. It might be a bit expensive for some people.

I thought e-blue originated from japan :/

I have a profile with the "snipe" button set to reload for games im not going to be using a snipe rifle. So you can also just use it as a macro key.

Cyber Snipa Silencer. I really love the mouse for it's looks, features and much more. It is also durable when I get angry and bash my fist on top of my mouse. It has took a few blows and still works very good. Changeable grip, on the fly profile switching and much more

I use razer naga 2014, because i need huge number of keys for games like wow . and razer anansi also these 2 together are awesome for wow but still barley enough keys

I use the SteelSeries Sensei. Have had for almostt 2 years now. Pretty versatile mouse. Got it on discount over the Black Friday period.

Has just the right number of buttons that i would need and the customization options in terms of DPI are perfect for my play style.

Unfortunately, the G9x is discontinued and ludicrously expensive now. It's also a claw grip. It sounds to me like OP is looking for palm grip. It is a great mouse though. Still got mine, use it for general computing now, after fixing the broken microswitch. Served me 4 1/2 years, till then.

I have a G502 for gaming now. Excellent palm grip mouse, plenty of buttons, optical sensor is accurate, hard to ID profiles though, as it only has a blue LED. You also might not like the techno design. Freescroll is too sensitive, moves when I move the mouse, need to keep the wheel locked. G9x had a way better wheel.

Whatever you decide to go with, start watching prices. Some of the best sales are actually in October, not during the Christmas season. Though, you can still get a pretty good deal during it. Now to mid-January is the best time to shop for tech.

Logitech G502. It's of good quality but I'm not really satisfied with the shape (reviews claimed it's good for claw-/finger-grip users too, but for me it's not). Bought it spontaneously when it was ~20€ off on Amazon. Currently looking for a replacement, but it's not like I can't use the G502 at all, it's okay, but not perfect for me. The free-spin mode is amazing, though.

I doubt the OP is still looking for a mouse...

Nah man. I don't know what you are talking about, obviously he has been using keyboard mouse controls for the last two years eagerly awaiting replies.

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