What kind of video gamer are you?

Your competition is 14 percent?

91 - upper right corner

Oh lmao got dyslexic for a second… I read completion as competition

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Very close to being a ninja throwing star :stuck_out_tongue:

We need more of these on the forum. xD up the danger level a bit. All mod shields should be rotating ninja stars



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See I told you …

We need more of these on the forum.

They should be deployed any time a flagged post isn’t flaggable…

Put that in the meta NOW LOL

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Slightly surprised by the social score, but then again I have certainly changed my gaming preferences over time.
Not sure where the middling Fantasy/Story value comes from.

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This almost warrants me collecting stats and making a forum wide gaming profile… Like a generalization…

Could run a principal component analysis in MATLAB and post it seeing what the top 3 traits are… Or something… Should I @Goalkeeper


Would people be ok with having their data farmed like that?

Lol. There will always be that one guy that will end up exploding about “their data”.

I’ve never seen such a small blue area of coverage before


You have just become a lot less elusive friend… xD

Sacrifice must be made for good progress… /s


If you wanna do it, go for it