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What kind of video gamer are you?


nah Ill give it a week and post my gatherings. give everyone a chance to chime in… so promote promote promote! lol





The data will be pointless… Everyone is looking for different things and the numbers will average themselves into pointlessness…

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well it will normalize the outliers but also give an interesting average for the community. but in all reality it is mostly pointless but fun.

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Your Gamer Motivation Profile :

Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Gregarious, Grounded, and Inquisitive

The Action Components (30%)

Destruction (46%)
Excitement (20%)

The Social Components (42%)

Competition (7%)
Community (91%)

The Mastery Components (8%)

Challenge (7%)
Strategy (20%)

The Achievement Components (31%)

Completion (58%)
Power (11%)

The Creativity Components (38%)

Discovery (71%)
Design (18%)

The Immersion Components (11%)

Fantasy (8%)
Story (21%)

Pretty much what I would say too if I thought hard enough about it.



Yes but also a principal component analysis is much different than an average haha its actually very interesting

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Sounds right.



This is interesting

I find it interesting, that Mastery is so low for me. I tend to stick to 2-3 Games and put several hundred hours into those. Even if they don’t offer Story or depth.
Social seems accurate, as i tend to select my games based on whether i can play them with my friends. I’m rarely interested in single Player games nowadays. Gaming has always been more about spending time with others and socializing for me rather than spending time in another world or experiencing a great story for me. My fondest gaming memories are playing CS1.6 and Diablo 2 in local lan’s basically every weekend back in the day. That might also be why i just can’t get myself to finally finish The Witcher 3…



I don’t know what this means, or if I’m just bad at answering questions…

but I guess it is reflective of the fact that I don’t particularly care to shut myself off in single player only RPG games.

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I am a console gamer like to play all the gaming series on the PS. SOMETIMES I also used to play on the PC.



Thanks for sharing this website. It is spot on on what I like.
Here are my results:

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Immersion and mastery go hand and hand huh?





I would mostly agree with this. I would have assumed my story would have been higher but overall not a bad representation.



A lazy one that never finishes anything.

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Figured I’d give this one a go. Turned out almost exactly like I thought it would. I like games with story, and exploration. Not so big on playing with others, but will tolerate it with some games, like Overwatch, or Battlefield. But prefer fleshed out stories, and good narrative. Immerse me in the story man! Not many games like that anymore! Don’t even NEED good graphics to do that. Hell, all the final fantasy games till 8 were able to keep me immersed. Couldn’t put them down till I beat them and finished the story.



I really do find all these posts fascinating



Here’s mine! Neat idea for a survey! I think what was interesting to me about this is that, as I’ve gotten older, I still enjoy games, but find myself spending only the time it takes me to grasp the main concept or theme of a game, and once that has run it’s course I quickly become bored of it. I think I enjoy the learning and building more than anything else.

There are also some outliers like for instance I really like the story and concept of Pillars of Eternity, but just can’t bring myself to finish it knowing that it will take so long. I think I’m discovering that I enjoy making things more than consuming things on my own.

Anyway cheers! Great thread.

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Here’s mine. Good survey. I’m personally looking for immersion and good and interesting story. I think creativity should be bit higher on my chart tough.



Welcome to my gaming world…



I do think some of the questions were dumb and i would probably put immersion as larger and social smaller, but other than that I’m fine with the primary one.

What do they mean by immersion, fantasy, story, power?
Those are very open and don’t explain much