What kind of video gamer are you?

Thanks to @flazza and @looming-hawk I have become aware of an actually interesting survey of what kind of gamer you are. It is powered by Quantic Foundary and you dont have to have an account to take the survey. They encourage it but I opted out of the data mine ish.


There is the link. Post what kind of gamer you are. Have a few jokes… see what everyone else likes. It might help you pair up with like gamers. We are here to have fun after all!

Heres the steam group for L1TF that I am in. Come join us and have some fun… drink a beer (or dont if your non alcholic) and play some games

Heres my profile in case anybody was wondering

I really do love open world games. My favorite series all time is still The Witcher series with 3 being so amazing. Watch_Dogs (1&2) is close behind

Heres my library. If anyone feels like playing a game in there shoot me a hollar. If I have time ill join in

Click Images in order to see full extent


not your average gamer.

was nice to see that i am not the one that game designers pander too and fills in the reason why i do not like 90% of games that are being made today.

Yeah its pretty true. I have a bit bigger of a range but its not much greater. too many battle royale knock offs. Oh well at least Quantic Foundary is trying to gather larger and greater stats to show there is a market for us

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Basically I’m a huge chump

Idk how it comes to this conclusion, but I actually prefer mastery over social but the chart says otherwise


Could be that you find social to be more fun than mastery?

some of the mastery aspects fall into the social category thats the reason i have 31% social when i usually am solo.

of 733 hrs played in CS:GO i might have 15hrs when i played with a pre made group.

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Apparently I couldnt give a rats ass less about Achievement… I would say thats pretty damn accurate

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maybe, but i dont persue social interaction in games typically

I like learning the lore and side stories but collectibles can kiss my ass. All of the artificial markers of completion i couldnt care less about

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Right!? thats why more often than not when someone rages over a game to me I respond with it is just a game. Not to inflame them but its literally how I feel towards games


the only game on my steam list that has all achievements is 10,000,000 and most of them are awarded for skill or playing in a way that makes it harder.


Calm, Analytical, Ambitious, Independent, and Deeply Immersed

Haven’t really played much lately. Somewhat surprised that “achievements” is rated this high. I like them but they’re by no means essential to me.



This is cool Im learning so much about the people who game on here!

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i imagine this is what nihilism looks like

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I’m apparently not much of a gamer anymore? Didn’t help that the game I’ve been spending the most time in the last week or so isn’t in their database.

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How come?

You could redo it with the closest game to its characteristics and get something more accurate? I chose watch dogs over watch dogs 2 because of this hah

I don’t know if there’s a corollary for Blade and Sorcery (VR game) that would do that. I just picked the more recent non-VR games I’ve been playing regularly.

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