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What is your Soft Drink of Choice?

Recently I’ve been trying out various new Soft Drink Beverages and I’ve settled on Pepsi Max Without Sugar (Link in Spanish, since I am from Spain). I’ve really come to enjoy Pepsi’s taste, and the Cocacola’s Version of this beverage, aka without Caffeine and Sugar, simply tastes imho too candy like, with a specific “afterburn” that I dislike.
I’ve also found that I cannot distinguish between sweet additives and actual real sugar, so this is a win-win for me.

So I wonder. What is your Soft Drink of choice, and why?


I second this.
Alternatively sparkling water with a fresh lemon and mint.



Jack and Coke for when it’s time to party :partying_face:

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Is this some sort of american joke that I’m too European to understand?
Of course i meant “natural” water.

No, but seriously, do you have something like this in Spain?!

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Just Googled Cherwine, never heard of it before!

Now I want to try it out. I’ve never tasted a Cherry Flavored Soft Drink!

Is there a sugar-less variant (or is that impossible to achieve with Cherries :D?)

Also, what is Jack?

Jack Daniels is a whiskey made in the US. I think they make Diet Cheerwine, but I don’t drink diets so idk

Also, I strongly prefer all cherry variants over regular (Cherry Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi)

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Probably too Central European to understand :smiley:

Yes. Here we distinguish between what we call gaseosa (Sparkling Water with Lemon Based Artificial Sweeteners) and Sparkling Mineral Water, that tastes more salty than sweet, imho.


cherry diet dr pepper, regular diet pepsi, on rare occassion diet mountain dew

don’t like the MAX versions, too much caffeine. in some parts of the US, PepsiCo sells a Dr Pepper nock off, with 100mg caffeine per serving, even stronger than their MAX or Mountain Dew

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Wow. 100mg of Caffeine sounds like a lot. A lot a lot. I guess that’s the Soft Drink of Choice for “Energy” when Red Bull’s not available (Not like I’ve tried Red Bull nor wanna try it, just what I’ve heard) :slight_smile:

Sprite, Mountain Dew, or Faygo Moon Mist.


Coca Cola and, if they still sold them here, Mountain Dew.
Edit: Somehow i forgot about the legendary Fruki Guaraná sold in beer bottles :ok_hand:


I also quite enjoy Sprite.

Never heard of it before. Googled it, the name sounds like it’s straight out of an Anime :wink:

Where do you live that CocaCola doesn’t sell Mountain Dew? I’ve never tried it out personally but here in Spain they do sell it, although it’s not very popular (and most often than not, associated with the US).

Edit: Not CocaCola, but Pepsi!

Brazil, they’ve tested the waters a few years ago with a few thousand units in my region, i loved it back then, unfortunately they decided not to continue selling it, i think it was because of the hard to pronounce (for us) name.

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Oh. I see. Well, kinda makes sense, and “Orvalho da montanha” sounds… odd (I don’t Speak Portuguese but I get the gist of it, since I speak Spanish).

Maybe you should try emailing CocaCola Brazil and see if they listen to you :smiley:

Sounds like a pretty arbitrary reason to stop selling the Soft Drink. I suppose there’s more to it than simply the name (probably low sales).

Edit: Not CocaCola Brazil, but Pepsi Brazil!

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These days I dont do anything but flavored water most of the time… but if I could have anything, it would have to be mellow yellow.

Orvalho da Montanha wouldn’t be a bad name either, i’ve had a hard time telling the cashiers to give me a Mountain Dew when i got to buy them, all of the time i had to say “that green one over there, the new brand”.
I think i’ll e-mail them like you said.

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Sounds a lot like Fanta

nothing like the fanta I have.

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Remember Days of Thunder?

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