What is your dream PC?

I am talking DREAM PC. NOTHING like it exists, nor is there a possibility that it will any time soon. I'm not aiming at the people who are like "Oh I wanna SR2 and to OC some xeons to 4.8", no, fuck you that is a possible thing you can do you're just fucking lazy (and if you already have like 3 jobs, make money on YT/hitbox/twitch, and do all that to live, DO MOAR).

I want to see some cases, some crazy ass mobo that never came out, some impossible amount of ram, GPU's that will never go together (And NOT FUCKING AMD + NV, I'm talking like voodoo5 and a 1080 or some stupid shit). Hell, if you wanted a board with 4 Motorolla 68128's back in the day talk about that shit. You don't even have to be specific as to WHAT you want in for, just throw it out there and be like "I want that, but it might be 45 years till its actually put on a floor plan to be done". RISC, PPC, RSN, Mill, X86, AMD64, all of it that you can come up with.

I'll post my ideas soon enough but I want to see what people come up with!

If you even design a mobo and case in google sketchup I will give you a cookie.

I want a PC with the power of my current rig that will fit in the space of a football

super duper ultra BRIX if you will

when we figure out how to get 1080 level graphics to consume 10 watts and fit in the space of a wallet then that is my dream

ultimate portability


Mini ITX and the fallout 4 bomb box as a case, or flex-AT/XT/ITX. Its doable. Kinda boring TBH D:

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yes, my dreams are realistic

not this


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kek, I'm looking for creativity. But I think you have the same ideals as Angel with CPU's only and never needing GPU's again.

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ok you want a dream? i have a dream. in my dream i have a nano bot computer built into my body that is a cross between a cyber brain and augmented reality and allows me to control the nano bots which can leave my body and do things like interface my own body with a computer or turn a piece of scrap metal into a chess piece or whatever. everything nanobots can do built into my body ready to be deployed at a thought.

computer interfaces obsolete. no more mouse no more keyboard no more screen.



3 nanos and dual xeons in that case drool

Knights Landing Xeon Phi CPU with 2 FirePro card...
Coupled with an openstack of 10,000 Chromebooks

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A fully open source hardware CPU & GPU architecture ( with motherboards and opensource audio chips , data hubs, network controllers ... the works ) that big industry players like Google, IBM, RHEL donate and support with viewable firmware and schematics in order to keep the world a nicer, cheaper, safer and more competitive space and actually make iOT devices and autonomous vehicles / robots trustable.

The money is in the software but the hardware currently has the power to irreparably damage undermine the long term future of the tech industry

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A completely adiabatic isotropic biological computer that I can interface with telekenetically and use to gain all the knowledge of humanity without leaving my chair.

This guy knows whats up!

If I'm getting it for free, the Alienware Area 51 maxed out because fuck the police.

But in all seriousness, a Graphene Mill Workstation with a Linux Distro for it and GPU Passthrough with an AMD64 Emulator.

Probably something very similar to this.

I've had my eye on this case for a while and other than modding a 280 rad externally to the top of this thing; the components would be almost identical to the ones used in the video.
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Here's the specs:

Windows 20 128 bit.
Intel Core i14 CPU's running at 100Ghz in a modded Cray case (before overclocking).
2000 Petabytes of SSD's in RAID 20.
Geforce GTX 10080Ti GPU.
General Electric 10,000 kW atomic PSU.
Water cooling provided by waterfall.
Solid rocket boosters for more speed.
No screen required because I will have a WiFi IMAX VR neural implant.
DVD-R, for backups.

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friend had that exact system as a kid


I want something that is the equivalent power of a 8 socket server machine with 24 core E7 Xeon's with terabytes of ram plus 17 Titan XP's in raid zero, with 7.5 Petabytes of PCIE storage in Raid 70, and I want it to all fit in the form-factor of contact lenses. And I want it to make dinner for me too damn't. And if the contact lenses shot lazzzzer beams like that fuck from X-Men that would be cool to. I just want to be able to turn the Lazzzzers on and off without having to wear those snazzy glasses.