What is the best bottled Tea?

Currently pure leaf tea taste like water to me and I need to find a replacement; does anyone have any suggestions? 

i don't know if this counts as an answer.. but i like peace tea.

Argo makes a really good bottled tea.

lipton that's brisk baby

Lipton is just right for any weather  and any mood

Not sure where you are from, and if you can get this:

green tea

Its got half the sugar soda drinks usually have ( 4g/100ml), and it tastes like green tea (not that sugary arizona crap). I get it here and there when im on the field. When im at home i always make fresh tea without sugar or anything else.

Pure Leaf is pretty good

Sweet Leaf 

They have the sweet leaf tea at my giant, I will try it out next time I go to giant.


You can find it in some gas stations 

Pure Leaf is the best bottled tea in my opinion.


I'm a big fan of Honest Tea and Sweet Leaf, but Tazo's bottled teas are pretty awesome as well.

+1 for Pureleaf. Not sure what you dont like about it

I drink the sweet tea and it taste like water to me now.

So brew your own. 

Gold Peak is sweet and still natural.

I brewed my own tea today and just look at the color deference compared to pure leafs sweet tea. I think my tea still needs some improvement but its a good start considering I used whatever tea bags and sugar I had lying around.  

I prefer the one that's not in the bottle. It's usually less clear and - at least for me - it tastes different than the one on the bottle. (and that's true for any other tea from Rauch, too)

In a pinch I enjoy Snapple's Straight up tea.  It's not as flavorful as sweet leaf but it's refreshing.  I too need to start brewing my own.  Let me know what solution you come up with.

I usually get the tetrapak as well. :)