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What Is Some of Your Favorite Discontinued Software?


Denis Ritchie.


You can still buy dvdfab
expensive as fuck though.


Piclens and Rapid Evolution 2 are two big ones I still use that don’t function 100% correctly without some tinkering.


xfire… just kidding :smiley:
winamp but maybe it will come back :slight_smile:


Locate32 :
This is basically my favorite indexed search utility. It shows thumbnails, and has a multitude of options for easily (once you know they are there) drilling down into the archaeological strata that is my archive. was one of the few windows search utilities that could handle network drives just fine. Another key option is that you can create multiple databases to search, and update them as needed, allowing my to update the database of my laptop in a few seconds, without having to spend 15 minutes also searching my NAS. Everything else I use seems to fall short, typically offering a choice between a way too simple interface, and regex.

Fuck regex.

Locate32 has been abandoned for years, but still works fine for the most part. Catfish is similar, and may be able to ultimately fill the same efficient role if I burn enough time fussing with it,