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What Is Some of Your Favorite Discontinued Software?




I really think they were on to something with os/2 warp…


Ah fan… Winamp… and not the media player side of it.


Collected all the api 's for it.


dvd fab has to be up there …


Anyway Dreamscene evolved a few times and still is around in form.


Cooliris… tho ? It evolved into pic based system. It use to be everything …

Access to customize website/pages with what ever code you wanted. This cookie cutter bs makes my head hurt.

Cool chasers was useful in the day.


Its still a thing.


I can ramble about this all day… must stop.


Last I heard, it wasn’t being worked on anymore after the C&D from M$


Firefox, back when all the good addons worked.


All we know is that have been told to temporarily halt development until more information is available, and we must honor this request.

TLDR, theres some proprietary code in HO which 343 wants out, but is otherwise fine with what the crew is doing with the ‘mod’.

Seems like they’re just trying to figure out how to comply, so I don’t think its as dead as it might look.


What I miss, is Pokemon Uranium.


Can’t think of one. Maybe software whose newer releases have been dumbified? Apple loves doing this. The old Airport management application which had a lot more options than the dumbified latest releases. It’s irrelevant anyway since I don’t have any Airport Stations running anymore.


Just go for foobar really, afaik the guy that maintains it used to work on Winamp back in the day.


VH Multi Camera Studio, before it became Xsplit.

IT WAS FREE BACK THEN and integrated so well with the non-M$ Skype.


Most of the older Emulators. Just seems like newer ones have been gutted or features I would never use have been added.

Windows 3.1

If windows loaded I knew that the computer was running fine and I could exit windows and play games.

DOS, even though I can barely use it anymore because I spend to much time on linux/bsd.

It’s not discontinued, I just don’t have a need for it anymore since using it gave me the idea to just setup my system to do everything it did and more natively.

Only really miss all of the visualizations. Kick back and listen to music while watching the pretty colors, or flying through a canyon made by the music.

Chip’s Challenge, Rodent’s Revenge, Ski Free, The horrifyingly ugly analog clock in Windows 3…


Definitely Banshee (music player)




Windows XP, Windows 95, MicroLeague Baseball (C64), Front Page Sports (Football, Baseball), Omni Play Sports Basketball (C64) … and many, many, many more games.