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What Is Some of Your Favorite Discontinued Software?


As a community, what is some of your favorite discontinued software?


The pinball game that came with xp


you win




The original Opera, and Opera Mail.

Though there is Vivaldi to replace the former now, for Opera Mail there isn’t really anything to replace it with as far as I know.


I liked Windows DreamScene. Free video / animated desktop background.


Shockwave Shockmachine






The original Opera, like mihawk90 said.
It really was a nice browser, thankfully we have Vivaldi now.


Lego Universe, to this day I regret pre-ordering that game



The original setup disks for solaris. They’re hasdy, and hald to get a hold of.


Windows XP Professional


Microsoft Encarta


I would have to go with Daemon tools with Daemon script.

Daemon tools is still around but the current lite version is nerfed from old free version, specifically with the copy protection workarounds.
Daemon Script was a nice gui to to script mounting an ISO in Daemon tools, launching a program, then unmounting when the program was exited.


The free version had DRM circumvention? That’s news to me… I only ever used it for the mounting alone and therefore never used it after I got Win8 since it already had that…


Version 3 and at least some sub-versions of version 4 did. It worked on everything but securom, well everything that I tried.


Winamp. It really whipped the llama’s ass.

That said you can still get a copy but it is essentially abandonware.




Space pinball, limewire, Chatrooms like AOL. Old Firefox mainly.