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What Games Do You Think Need A Reboot


I know they did a spiritual successor to it, EA killed Black 2, called Bodycount. No idea on how good that was, but Black was fun!



Downhill Domination.

Many a good time was had playing this game. 4 player local multiplayer ftw.



This news makes me moist haha I’ve really lost contact with the series after completing 100% Burnout Paradise and Island (beside obtaining the Diamon 400 car). Criterion is another victim of EA unfortunately.

The game looks totally like a Burnout game with little differences sprinkled in. I could recognize the car handling from a mile away. Now I’m just going to wait to see if they manage to make a new good game. Thanks for the news!

P.S. the trailer shows virtual walls which I don’t like. Paradise was open and cars had fucking blinkers turning on (if available) to tell you where to go. What a game.

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Yes it might be a while before they are back to a full burnout and I don’t know if they will go in steps like the originals with the arrow walls and work toward an open world again.

I have not checked in with them in a while so am out if the loop again but it certainly look like that’s where they are headed.

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EA killed that too. Rumour was that it was in the planning for the PS3 era if consoles and the Criterion would be making it. The Bikes shoehorned into Burnout Paradise were supposed to be the test for Road Rash but it never happened and there was never any official word either. Shame really.



I’d pay a proper 60 Bucks for a NFS Underground(2) remaster. Not something new, just the original game in a current engine. Change nothing. Same game, just nice looking.
I now that there can be done a lot with shaders and textures, but something with a proper new engine would be epic.



There is a fan made reboot of Morrowind in the works, though I’ve not seen any updates in a long time… Skywind

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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, either a remaster or a sequel. There is a sequel in the works, but its not by the original developer, which has me concerned. It was originally made for the Source engine, and I’d love to see it remastered in the newer Source.



I actually have Morroblivion installed right now but the textures seem to be outdated, even when compared to Oblivion itself, and the mechanics of Morrowind just aren’t the same

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It would be nice to have Midnight Club back.



TIE Fighter by Totally Games/Lucasarts. One of the best games of all time.



Warcraft 1 and 2. Im already getting my C&C refresh, but would love those bad boys as well.



That is really unfortunate.



There is a special place in hell for EA and Activision for murdering all of the IP they acquire.



Kinda in luck!

would be nice to see it in the SC2 engine though



Yeah, I saw it on GOG and was pretty excited, I want more of an HD remake though, kinda like what they are doing with WC3.

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Star Citizen



Hahaha get another company to just start fresh and they might be finished before the time the backers die. Let the original guys carry on too and see who gets there first.

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The actual FarCry,
because all other FarCry’s haven’t got anything to do with the original one sadly :frowning:



Wing Commander, came out before I was born but ever since I found and read a strategy guide for it at the local library, I’ve wanted to play it.