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What Games Do You Think Need A Reboot


Mobile F2P game, probably…




And Outpost.




Excellent games.
Like an rpg, platformer, adventure game with just a really playful atmosphere and fun mechanics.

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A sequel to Burnout. I loved that series of games and played so many hours since I was a kid on the PS2. I don’t see how they could really make a new game new mechanics but keeping the goold old destruction vibe but I’d buy a sequel.



Oh, sweet! This looks fantastic!



oh god yes!



they made so many sequels I agree idk how they would make another but it would be nice!

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I know a remaster is being worked on by a group, but System Shock 2 could use a remaster, reboot, and sequel. It’s one of those iconic games that was a must-play for its time.



Rogue Squadron
Terminal Velocity (reboot w/ the gravis game pad)
Crash Team Racing (wife’s favorite)

I have a lot of other favorites that I would love for modern compatibility, but I think a reboot or graphics overhaul would make them lose some of their charm.

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@MetalizeYourBrain It is very likely being worked on. Three Fields Entertainment is the remains of Criterion after the founder quit and left EA. So far they have made 4 games and 3 of them are actively working towards a new burnout, though one of the three is a gold game it is crash mode with a golf ball and achs of burnout from the font to the controls to the boost bar in the corner. They other two literally are the crashmode as a standalone game.

Dangerous Golf
Danger Zone
Danger Zone 2

So it is coming, just when is the thing.

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The Wheel of Time.

It is an obscure shooter FPS from 1999, released two months after the first Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 ( guess why it’s obscure :wink: ), and with the most amazing magic dueling system I have ever seen.

While the single player experience is quite good, it is not essential to the game - the magic system is. But the game as a whole would be great too, as would citadel mode…

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Its amazing how many of these games got bought by major game studios and buried. These companies call them IP and then just sit on them because someone failed to monetize them. I’d love to see a release of some of the old DnD games like pools of radiance. Grimdark and the like are nice but I miss the DnD monsters and spells.

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Not a game but a service. Many older games used a common server browser system called GameSpy. The servers were shut down many years ago. There are loads of old games that could be played today if only their server browsers worked.

If someone would refresh some of these older games with wide screen and Windows 10 support that would be great.

Failing that I would love EA to go through their back catalogue, games like Medal of Honour for instance. Just make them work on modern hardware. I don’t need better textures, lighting or sound. Just make them work.



C&C Tiberian sun would make an awesome reboot



Indigo turned me on to it, love that game

And Gmanlives

and 100% agree


Shannara and betrayal at krondor need to be rebooted, old PC games from the golden days



I didn’t know they had a game based on Shannara, that’s awesome!



Awesome point n click game

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Hard drivin’
Stunt car racer



I want a remake PC version of Black an old FPS for PS2, or Road Rash