What games are you guys playing that is way better with a private server?

So I have that server laying around, not doing to much but running an ubuntu server VM for 7 days to die. Have some IRL friend playing on it now, and I wouldn’t add anyone else right now. I have two mods that I need to consolidate XML config files to make it work proper. <which if anyone knows of something to make XML merging and editing quick and easy I would greatly appreciate any input.

But now the question is, are there any games that anyone would like a server for? I’m honestly at a loss.

Also, how fucky would it be for hosting on a box at my house? Everything would be running out of a VM, but I’m still unsure.

Networking may not be my strongest area.

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Honestly, Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 1.

I love both of those games, but they have serious problems with general servers. namely vehicles and explosives. People spam both and it become impossible to play. That and hackers which…hard to overcome.

That and population. I hate small match sizes. Which is why I don’t play CoD (that and CoD sucking).

Oh, Battlefield Bad Company 2. Always a favorite. I would rank that as my number 1 favorite multiplayer shooter of all time. Seriously. They said “fuck balance, let’s just be fun, anyone who complains about balance needs to get gud”

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Tell me i’m 9 years old, but its actually a fun way to stay in contact with some of my oldest friends.


It can be fun, but goddamn is it time consuming.

Can’t wait for Stardew Valley to get official multiplayer support. (because it is also an enormous time sink)


Hmm, only problem I see with something like BF is the need for a ton of players.

I’m not about to fall into the rabbit hole of minecraft servers again. IT NEVER ENDS!

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That’s becoming a thing!? Awesome.

You could always run a Factorio server. From what i’ve read its fairly simple, and you’ll be staring at your computer monitor with blood shots eyes 96 hours later with a bad case of carpel tunnel and swamp ass in no time. You’re welcome.

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This Spring is as close to a release date that we currently have for the new single player stuff and multiplayer beta

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Modern Battlefields (since at least Bad Company 2) don’t allow you to run servers on your own hardware. You can only rent server instances from server providers. Server files are not available and even if you somehow got the server running, game clients wouldn’t find or connect to an unauthorized server.

BF1 went even further in restricting the server rental program - now EA runs all the servers.


Yeah that’s because they’re mad that there are still BFBC2 servers running on Steam.

They’re mostly latin servers and the people on them are extremely good.

Minecraft, GMOD.

Killing Floor 2

Wanna kill zombies at a map simulating Helms Deep with a sword while Demolitionists act as artillery from the wall?

yeah, you can do that

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Diablo II LOD

Just something about it keeps bringing me back for endless gameplay. Regular b.net is a festpool of the worst kind of people, but private servers, like Slash, are often filled with only the best kind of people you will meet online.

Halo Online

I’m looking into this.

El dewrito I think I can definitely get going.

Plans for this weekend is to get the NAS part of the server up. looks like I’ll be using some linux distro and BTRFS in Raid 10.

So next weekend will be the weekend I get some game servers going.

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I think I am too old. I love MMO’s with the people and chat but I am so over farming in a game to ever launch it. So my private server is just a discord or mumble room with friends and the games today suck.

Monster hunter is the only grinding game I really like. But I fucking love monster hunter. Shit’s like meth.

I think it stems from more shitty monetization. Things like private servers and extra features like that are a second thought because they really just want the constant stream of money.

From what it seems killing floor 2 bucks that trend with private servers and local mulitplayer and co-op. Crazy shit there.

Sorry for the double post bumping, VM for anything that can run a server on linux is made. Working on getting a windows VM setup now. I figure El dewrito will be much easier to setup than anything I setup with steamcmd.

I run a 7Days to Die and Ark Survival Evoloved servers in CentOS7 VMs for a few family members. They don’t take too much horsepower to run.
I also run a modded Mincraft server, it is more reliant on single threaded CPU performance and doesn’t do too well with the Xeon D-1518 CPUs that i’m running VMWare on.

I started playing Ark when it first came out and it was super buggy and not fun. I just recently started playing single player mode on my Fedora Workstation and I fell in love! Until I fell in front of a velocirapter of course…

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