What game have you put the most time into? How many hours?

Yo Guys, just curious what game(s) have you played the most? and how many hours? My top is dota 2 with 310 hours.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 500 hours(on xbox).

Battlefield 3 - Approximately 850 hours (PC and Xbox combined)

Skyrim - Approximately 550 hours (PC and Xbox combined)

World of Warcraft anyone? Probably pushing 2 000 hours total, was in a guild with a guy who had over 300 days played on 1 character. 

Logan would be proud~

131hrs on FTL.

Skyrim about 700 hrs Xbox and PC.

Counterstrike Source: 395 hours.

Counterstrike Source: over 1000 hours... 

Team Fortress 2- 929 Hours as of right now...

My main had over a year played... Can't remember if that was before or after I started botting though... But WoW was all I did throughout middle and highschool.

Awesomenauts - 350 hrs

Fallout: New Vegas, 200 hours on PC, and over 1000 hours on Console. By far my favorite game. Second up would be Skyrim with 400 in console and PC combined.

sim city 4

Project reality (a Battlefield 2 MOD) But, DayZ was catching up to it before it become unplayable with all the hackers. 

Amra 2 OA about 300 plus about 500 on dayz mod 

Other then that battlefield 3 about 400 on xbox+PC as that was the first game I played when coming to PC never looked back lol

im not sure which, but it's between Call of Duty Black ops, Call of duty Modern Warfare 3, Pokemon Red, or Pokemon Silver. 

Mostly singleplayer + multipalyer: Dark Souls. 1,000+ hours. Completely multiplayer: COD: MW2, League of Legends, & Smite. Too many hours.

Skyrim, over 800 hours on xbox and pc my main account on pc is 341 hours in and my main on xbox is about 274 hours in.

all Pokemon games combined, maybe almost 1000 hours
PC Far Cry 3 right now, Terraria will soon be the highest
and CoD MW2, maybe ~< 100 hours

i know I have put more into other games, but I have 100 hours on TF2 that is the only game i can be bothered searching for the stat on.