What game are you currently playing thread?

Since @TheDiddilyHorror was too lazy to make this thread ill do it instead. gotta give some credit

We have a What are you listening thread but no what game are you playing thread. Time to make one.

Im currently playing some BF2

What is everybody else playing?


Oi! I'm not too lazy. I'm just not good at keeping threads alive :P (not sure why it's in the Offtopic section, though)

Giving the first Witcher game a try again and despite some flaws I'm hooked. Steam says 34h but there's a lot of tabbing out included.


Let's see...

Rocket League (less now since my controller is fucked but I do play it a lot otherwise)

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dogeball... something about this game is just fun glad Dark_Star_X gave it to me.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015. I'm quite surprised at how addictive this has been, picked up in the humble bundle.

Postal 2 because Postal 2

(ppl be givin me games... lots of playing as of late).

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Finished my dailys in Heroes of the Storm. Had one of the worst teams ever.

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be even more during steam summer sales or even winter for that matter

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Oh, just a couple...
Cities Skylines and Aragami... A city builder and a stealth shadow ninja kill everything game... Some taste i have... When i am finished with Aragami i am going back to Dark Souls... So much want to finish that game, still not good enough.

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Once I have time, I plan on playing Town of Light, as I just got a Vive. Too busy right now to start it yet. Been looking at VR games to play, might pick up hover junkers or something as well. Might wait for most of my VR game purchases until after I get a decent gpu. The 280x just isn't cutting it anymore.

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mad max probs replay some stuff :p

Taking a break from Assetto Corsa due to a broken shifter (original Logitech G25 one, so it's rather old). Not sure if I'm willing to spend money on another shifter, I'm not enjoying simracing anywhere near as much as I used to anymore.

Currently playing through the GTA5 storyline again. Once that's done, I'll go back to Cities:Skylines.

Democracy 3 with some mods is like meth to me, also been playing a lot of hearts of iron 4 and civilization 5

Congratulations! Looks like you've pulled a 'suddenly shoes' ala @HEXcellerate.

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I've been revisiting HoMM 3 Complete from gog since I don't have Internet to my rig atm. Sure wish they could have added all the expansion content for HoMM HD edition. There's a mod that allows you to convert most of the expansion maps into format that will run on HoMM HD which is nice, but there's still a lot of content missing (like the Conflux faction). I need to search around to see if there's a wide screen or resolution mod for HoMM3 since it was made for 1024x768 or something and looks quite terrible.

I also recently played about 10 minutes of the new deus ex. Just not in the mood these days. Probably will get back to it eventually.

Also @Dje4321 you should change the title to be 'What game(s) are you playing right now?' imo :D


wrong thread there XD lol

TF2 CSS TIS-100 overwatch DEX1 rollercoaster tycoon 3

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Last bit of Orwell and Fallout on and off

ARK Survival

Do we count mobile here? Because I got deep into a time waster, named "tap tap builder"...

Dark Souls III

AKA Tear Inducing Simulator
AKA Git Gud Simulator
AKA Dancer of the Boreal Valley is literally impossible simulator

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WoW, Dungeon Defenders, Fallout 4, some Overwatch. I need to get a better video card, and then I can play Deus Ex Mankind Divided in Linux. Right now I'm using a GTX 660 that someone gave me.

Playing 7 Days to Die currently. Just picked up Dark Souls 3 and GTA5 the other day for a steal. Haven't played them yet though.