Picked up player unknowns battlegrounds, I'm trash. It looks a lot more fun with a team. Is there any l1t teams other than grizzles main one.

There are people here who play pubg.

People I have seen playing pubg.

@kewldude007 @Atomic_Charge @SoulFallen @snowBlind623

I am sure you can find someone to play with here.

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Don't walk across open fields. Avoid towns unless you're that kind of person. Proceed to win game.


I haven't been playing too much because witcher 3 is one hell of a game.
Really enjoying the tension of pubg though! Managed a top 10 today :sweat_smile:

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I'm curious about how the performance of this games have become with the recent updates. Is anyone able to get around 100 FPS most of the time on medium'ish settings yet? (1080p or 1440p). I know it wasn't so long ago just about any system would have to make do with 50-60.

I should wait until any real sale is on, which might take a while since the developers sitting pretty on a pile of cash already and are working to get onto Xbox. It's just that the kids on Team PGP seem to have so much fun with it that it makes me curious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am running a 4690K 16GB of RAM R9 Fury stock
Get about 80 to 90 during actual gameplay on Low with Draw distance in medium at 1440P.
Everything on ultra I dip to 20 to 30 FPS.
Running off my 840 EVO 250GB

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I'm running a 1080, ryzen 1700 and 16gb of ram.
I tired 4k ultra I think I was getting mid 40s. Currently playing 1440p ultra and I'm getting over 60 ( my monitor is only 60hz).

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That sounds pretty reasonable compared to my expectation. Thanks guys.


I play sometimes

I play pretty often. Hit me up sometime always fun with more people. Steam name is also Nachosauce with the same picture.

I want to play… but given how poorly it seems to be optimized I can’t bring myself to buy it…

Anybody playing? Add me on Steam “dabdaddy”

I got it because one of my IRL friends begged me to but he doesn’t play that often. Kinda sucks playing solo. I have a private teamspeak server as well. I’m new to the game but I’m pretty good at FPS games.