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What game are you currently playing thread?



Oh it is, hands down is my favourite Lionhead game series, its a shame they never made another one after doing Fable, would've loved a Black & White 3.


Fable 1 with the DLC is a amazing game also. fable 2 and 3 were not fun because you couldnt die. have not had a chance to play the newer fable games yet


Fable 1 was great and Lost Chapters was amazing, finished that game so many times I've lost count. Series did kind of go down hill a little bit after that, had so much potential that was wasted in the later games.


Dead Cells
Hollow Knight
Wonderboy: The dragons trap


I would love if the series made it on GOG. But it seems to be stuck in the ether now and it's near to impossible to get digitally. :confused:


Shame its not more easily available, its such a good game. Still, I have the discs around somewhere, might have to break out the disc drive.


Jumping between Albion and River City Ransom Underground.


Just started Half Life 1. I never gamed growing up, so I missed a lot of gaming history that I'm trying to make up.


Oh hey, I bought all of the Half Life games for $4.50 USD at the Steam summer sale.


How is Wonderboy? I know it is a remake to an old SEGA game.


Just finished Metro 2033 and the next game I'll play is either Metro: Last Light or Dishonored 2. I have also been playing some Lawbreakers beta. It's a great game that combines the framework of games like Overwatch with the crazy speed of Unreal Tournament and QUAKE.


I have Lawbreakers downloaded and everything. Just have not gotten an opportunity to play it. I am even a beta keyholder.


It is great! A 1989 remake of a game that was on the Sega Master System. The concept of the game is extremely simple but the challenge and the beauty of the game lay past the tutorial and once you are free to roam around the world on your own. You will have to create a map in your head to figure out where you are going and use your ingenuity while under different curses to navigate and unlock new areas, one of the coolest aspects of the game is that there is a hand drawn overlay that you are able to switch between and the original 8-bit look at any giving point of time allowing this game to provide a unique experience that other platformers on the market will not provide.


Morrowind, really awesome titel

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Well I rented ....

... from Family Video and I will say that the reviews around the net I think pretty much some it up. It is a title that is very average.

Here is what I said elsewhere after playing it ...

"Eh I rented it and I am glad I did. I just got done playing a fairly lengthy session on Xbox One. While I enjoy the combat people might find it strange how this game works in terms of being constantly tempted to just run back to a certain point to get health. I find myself backtracking to the beginning area quite a bit. The game looks ok graphically. I will say though hearing the same song repeat itself every single time you go into this home base well it will get on your nerves eventually. In regards to story it starts out interesting but I am not sure how much there is in the game. I rented this from Family Video and if you have that option or another I say rent it first. $59.99 for this game doesn't seem right. It seems like a budget title in the $29.99 to $39.99 range new. I know prices have gone up on games these days so a budget price to some is higher. Thing is though this is only a single player title so one can wait on the price coming down and not miss anything. Seriously this game could have been fun with a MPer side to it. Anyway go look at actual reviews and not just look at the Metacritic score before you buy this."

Now with all that said yes this is a game I will pick up at some point but it will be when it is under $10 somewhere as I enjoyed it enough to want to play it further.


Yes it is that time of year. Merry Xmas.


I streamed an hour of this on Twitch. I got this as a gift from my brother during the Steam Summer Sale and I have to say playing a 2D side scroller is a nice break from the usual I play. The game definitely requires some skill as it has some form of permadeath. I also like that for once I am not hearing dialogue. Silence is golden sometimes and this game has no voice acting and that is fine by me. This really is a fun game that I definitely will stream again soon but while I hope to complete it this may never happen. I am a bad and even on easy I am getting wrecked. I still though haven't figured out two abilities of mine so once I get this down if ever I will do somewhat better ... I think .. : S

: )


I'm starting Euro Truck Simulator 2, so far this game looks very good and relaxing at the same time.

Also i plan on playing again GTA San Andreas just because of the nostalgia of playing it, i had it on PS2 and it was an awesome game at the time :smiley: . Another game is Killing Floor 2, saw some gameplays and in my opinion looks very cool and also to play with some friends.


Tonight I have played Deus Ex something something that was an Xbox 360 digital game for me but I played it on Xbox One. I was having some fun with it until the batteries died in the controller and I didn't have my replacements like I usually have.
I then move onto a PS4 game called ....

I heard many people knock this game time and time again on the internet but I sure as heck am glad I bought it not too long ago. I got a physical copy for $13 and change at EB Games Canada. I hadn't seen it on the shelf for quite awhile and wanted a physical copy and thankfully got one as the game is fun. I am playing on normal mode and what is nice with this game is the combat. It isn't overly complicated but satisfying. Now while I am enjoying the combat and saying it isn't that difficult I am forgetting to do one obvious move like this ground stop that does damage. I also am struggling to be more mobile and I am not quite sure about the analog stick avoidance move as at times it just seems easier to just jump away. Anyway I got to get movement down better and that stomp but still the combat again is satisfying. ln regards to the story it is absolute ****. It is so strange that now towards the latter part of the game I hardly care anymore. There is so much bad dialogue and awkward moments so forget this game if you are looking for a story that is good. LOL! So anyway I'd say if you want some fun combat pick this up but don't overpay for this. I really think the developers for this missed a chance here to make a great game. I think I'd like to see a game like this in the future where you have this robot that can pick up things and form into something different and larger and combat enemies like the way it is done in this game but there really needs to be a better story. Knack 2? Eh if they do another game maybe just start from scratch with the story and don't worry about the first game. Now if there isn't a Knack 2 someone just make a game taking the good parts I mentioned. Happy Gaming every1!

Oh and btw after dealing with battery issues earlier with my Xbox gaming session I then was scared by a brown out that happened while playing Knack. All electronics in the house are fine. Phew!


Currently playing through Long Live The Queen and so far have lost twice. This one is me dying in a sword fight because I didn't invest into the sword skillset. Trying to beat this game without a guide (save for knowing the moods and penalties) before I explore all of the other content this game has.