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What game are you currently playing thread?



My first solo win! And only 2nd win ever.



I downloaded the game but was never able to launch it. I tried verifying game integrity and even reinstalling but nope.


That shotgun is beast I've won most of my games with it


Still World of Warcraft. Finally unlocked flying on broken shore.


Did you get a little window to pop up from steam asking if you want quality or performance mode when you clicked play?


nope, I hit play, then it says running next to the game in my steam library, then it doesn't say running and I can't find any processes related to it in task manager.


Ill look on mine when I get home. See what it does when that little popup shows.


Carball (as always... 700+ hours... I may have a problem lol)

Warframe (catching up to my carball hours... another problem i guess)

Car Mechanic sim 2015, still. Oddly addictive game.

Dragon's dogma, picked this up awhile ago just now installed it. I'm liking it so far. Nice combat mechanics that skyrim seriously lacked in.


Titanfall 2: Singleplayer was great but short (BT was a bro) and I then moved on the multiplayer. Bloody hell it's fun. The parkour mechanics mixed with mech combat among infantry and other pilots is awesome.

Persona 5: Great so far. After beating the second palace and just about to move on to the next one. The palaces (dungeons) are more enjoyable to go through than Persona 4 and then Mementos can be used for grinding.

Also decided to show the ol' PSP some love and installed a mod for it. Been playing some Castlevania: SOTN on it, waiting to get an sd card to upgrade the storage to 64gb.


I just played Uncrowded for 15 minutes. OMG is it horrible but in a good way. I like survival / zombie games and this one is a little different as it is Minecraft-like. Also I knew this had to be covered by Jim Sterling and well here it is ... LOL!


Just beat Dishonored earlier today.

Got the Ghost achievement on my first try.


If I was smart I would turn off my PC because my carpal tunnel is flaring up.
So for now this is all I can handle.


Got to play Killer Queen at Up Down Arcade in Minneapolis yesterday. 5vs5 arcade game. Very simple, and very fun.

10/10 would play again


Black Mesa but i consider it Half Life 3 because it feels so genuine to the half life series. The animations are smooth, The textures are amazing, The menu looks good, etc. Is a truly amazing experience.

Even has a deathmatch mode similar to HL1. not played it yet but im excited too.


Darkest Dungeon. Just started, and it's really fun. It's the most punishing and rewarding game I've ever played. I'm playing easy mode for the first go around so I can figure out all the mechanics, then I'll up it when I get the hang of it.


I am currently playing Arcania: The Complete Tale. Now unfortunately I didn't realize it but I think I played the second part first. I have about 6 hours into it. As for this series and others similar to it yes I have always enjoyed these so called second rate RPGs / open world RPGs. It was also easier to enjoy this one as I got it for $1 through a PS4 related Humble Bundle. So far in terms of presentation the music has been good. The look of the game is nice although facial details could be better. Finally while this seems open world it is not truly open world as there are invisible boundaries at times but it hasn't taken away much in terms of enjoying this game. In fact when trying to find ways through the invisible walls or over them or whatever you get some goofy looking stuff going on.

So while I enjoy this I hope everyone enjoys whatever they are playing.

Happy Gaming!


Started playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Poor 8350 can barely handle it. Probably going to wait on continuing until my upgrade is finished. Should be soon I hope.


Started playing Black and White 2 again, that game is still a freaking blast to play :slight_smile:


that game looks like fun


I cant wait to get back home and play kenshi again