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What game are you currently playing thread?



Currently somewhere around half way through Witcher 2. I played through most of it at some point in the past, but I never finished it (got pulled away by something or another). And after I put tons of hours into Witcher 3, I am really interested in the world and whatnot, so I decided to go back and play through Witcher 2 again. And I think that I can appreciate the second game a lot better after having played the third. Which is strange. Perhaps the second one was made with the expectation that you would have played the first one first and then the third one was made more accessible to a new audience or somehting.


I am really enjoying Formula Fusion.
It's a shame because it is a better/just as good a game than Redout, but Redout is waaay more popular, so there are rarely any multiplayer servers. It's probably going to die alone and unloved.

They are basically the same game but Formula Fusion has realistic graphics and Redout is a neon cartoon. Also Formula Fusion is a little more challenging (read = harder). At first I preferred Redout because I was crashing less, then I realized the balance of Formula Fusion was better for my level of difficulty.


Carball (surprise surprise eh? not like I have 729 hours in it or anything).

Warframe, mainly for login rewards at this point.

BDO, got it on sale and have been playing with a friend so not terrible... some if it is typical korean mmo bs but the gameplay is engaging enough I suppose

The Sims 1 + all dlc. Been itching to get back into the sims and found this pretty easily online so I figured why not.



Completed Long Live The Queen without guides. Now I will try all other possibilities.


Diablo 3 and Heroes of Newerth
Diablo 3 Legendaries, Rifts, Seasonal, Power leveling


Working through Shovel Knight and it's expansions


My good buddy got me My Summer Car for my birthday so I've been playing that


Mostly WoW and Rocket League for the time being.

I got my Destiny 2 beta code, so once the 18th hits I'll be playing that a lot, probably.


So I rented Sniper Elite 4 for PS4. It was loads of fun. Graphically I loved the way the world looked. Also the cam kill is cool. I always love that in games. As for the time put into this game … I could not put this down! I played for 10 to 12 hours. LOL! : )


Was playing Warframe until I got tired of the repetitive grind and said 'fuck it, I'm trying out Half Life', and so I did.


I've begun playing the phone game Terra Battle.

It is produced by Mistwalker Studios. A studio founded by the creator of Final Fantasy himself.

These are the same people who made The Last Story. Which was a fantastic RPG imo.

For a mobile game, it's pretty fun. It's essentially a turn based RPG puzzle game.

It has a lot of text based story/lore.

There are frustrating bits but I think that's because I haven't figured out all the mechanics yet.

It has tons of content. I've been playing for 5 hours and only gotten to chapter 5. It has over 60 IIRC. That isn't because I struggle either. I'm doing nearly every stage on the first try. There is some grinding in those 5 hours, but I'd say it was only 1 hour total of the time. Then I steam-rolled everything for a while and now I'm coasting.


This will be my main game for the foreseeable future. I like the idea of an action mmorpg. So far I am playing a hunter class but I have found that I haven’t sniped much and that surprises me as I am used to hunters in games doing that. I have grouped up and been on the mic running some pretty tough content and now have even more respect for the game. Graphically it is easy on the eyes which I love. Finally if anyone has a clan for me to join I’d appreciate the invite. I am a below average player but can help out others that need help with simpler things without question. I also don’t mind running my head into a brick wall with others trying harder content even if it is just for laughs. : ) Anyway Destiny has been fun. : )

Update: Hit level 40, ran some crazy raids (didn’t go well but who cares), ran some other stuff grouped, soloed some fun bosses in some areas and of course joined in on world/area events, got epics, etc. I, however, just ran out of Xbox Live time and I am not sure when I can get it again. : S


p, p, p, p, p, PUBG. I've been playing this fantastic game since a month after launch and it has quickly become my favorite Steam title.


Playing dem Splatoon 2's!


If you play at 1080 it will run great. I'll probably be playing a bit later


How is it compared to the first game?


It's pretty much the same but with minor upgrades. Which is fine by me because I love Splatoon


Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 from GOG.

Unlike the first remake, this isn't much different from the original. Pretty bad problems with the game freezing, apparently a known issue that isn't going to be fixed. Bruteforcing my way through the games anyway.

Otherwise just waiting for the Grim Dawn expansion later this year.


Well yesterday I enjoyed playing a game that had a story I’d be interested in showed in the Lego way. Some good laughs for sure. The Star Wars references graphically were awesome. : )