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What game are you currently playing thread?



I'm debating about getting Nier Automata on PC release or waiting. Probably will wait at least until PC reviews surface to see how good of a port it is. But i also am playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, Gwent, and I am Setsuna. Which is like the most games at 1 time i've been playing since childhood probably. But Nier looks so good... I think its just going to be one of those games i buy on a sale.


It's platinum... Metal gear rising was fairly good port, so I don't expect it to be awful by any stretch. It's a collection of all kinds of mechanics I dislike and yet looks appealing as all hell...

Uuuh... I got tired of this game really really fast.


lmao, this is my favorite description of it.

I've never played a Platinum game, and I typically avoid action games. But this one seems like, if there is one that is going to work for me, this would be it.


Story wise it's a JRPG...
Mechanically it's a Platinum action game ala Beyonetta, Metal Gear Rising Revengance, etc.
There are moments, where it becomes Bullet Hell.
There are moments, when it becomes top down dual stick shooter...
And yet, it's freaking awesome... I mean all reviewers, who's opinions I respect have all said it's great game.
PS: Nevermind... The price... Hurts me...


Only 9. I need to put some more into it. Have like too many other games to even do that.


Still need to play The Witcher 3 (but finishing 1+2 first is a drag).
I feel ya. Backlog to fill months and hopping from one game to another after a few hours.

Speaking of which: started playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess yesterday. ~5h in, not sure if I like the story so far.


Don't really need to play one, two is super fun. But you'll have to play twice to get the whole game. I missed a lot do to my choices lol saw some gameplay a year ago think " that's shit wasn't in the game" come to find out its a choice I made that had me go another way.


The story is kinda neat, I dig the investigation/solving crimes stuff. That's really the only thing that makes me want to play the game. Battle system is poop, inventory is poop, quest log and hints are poop. But since there are moral choices in the game I don't just wanna watch someone else's Let's play.


While there are things about the game that definitely make it not a 10/10 game I have had a fairly enjoyable experience with it thus far. The weapons breaking easily, the towers all looking the same, the FPS issues all are there but still again I am having fun. Now as for one negative that when watching Cinemassacre play it that doesn't bother me when I have played it is the music is just fine. Also I didn't have as much trouble as they did with the stamina meter. Now should there be stamina meters in games? Eh I think they can have them in games in be much better but generally it is better to not have them. Anyway I can say Zelda Breath of the Wild for sure is a worthwhile rental and when it comes down in price I will buy it for the Wii U. As for how I am playing it now well I rented this from Family Video as no way will I ever pay almost $100 for a game. Not going to happen. With a membership at Family Video for $9.99 for 30 days you get half off rentals so for this it cost me $3.99 to rent for 5 days. Not bad.


I've been playing Unturned on Steam a lot. They recently added a large Hawaii map which has been pretty awesome, with caves and ships and other stuff to explore. It was the only game I cared about when I left Windows a couple years back and it has run reliably for me even with integrated graphics on my Haswell Celeron. More recently I added a GT 720 that I had laying around and that helped make the experience better.

For a one man show, that game has improved immensely over the years. I played free for years and finally got the gold upgrade as a 'Thank You' to the developer. I really want to see the list of Linux games continue to grow, so I have been trying to throw down cash on games through Steam that support Linux.


Broken Age.
3.5h so far. Seems like Tim Schafer is past his prime....


FFX = catharsis


I was playing the Lawbreakers closed beta that opened up for three days (Mar 16 to Mar 19) yet I only managed an hour and 30 minutes because I had very little oppurtunity to play it. Not enough to give an impression of the game other than it desperately needs a tutorial to understand the game mechanics.

Otherwise, back to Warframe.


played the alpha (or beta?) for a few days last year.... was meh on it too.


i played in it as well. Been following the game awhile. It was a big improvement over the Alpha last year, but IDK, still seems to need a lot of work.


Ghost recon wildlands, it dragged me in all the way


Biggest problem for me is how the movement and gravity system works for each class. Also not the biggest fan of the quick time to kill.


I am playing blackjack at the casino both electronic and table game versions and walking away with a nice little profit is the toughest thing. I re-rented Zelda: Breath of the Wild but haven't played it much this second time I rented it due to being at the casino so long and then sleeping the morning away.


yeah, it definitely has gotten better since the alpha. In the alpha there were one hit kills. Now there isn't. It kind of feels like a bunch of console devs are trying to make a PC fps. And they're listening, its just like, when their console dev instincts get in the way, it takes a lot of community feedback to get them to change things, so they need a lot of convincing before increasing the ttk fixing the damn battery game mode.


Just finished smashing Horizon Zero Dawn with ~80% of trophies acquired (last remaining involve getting all the hunting ground suns but bugger that.)

Have a solid fortnight of annual leave coming up, so went and nabbed Nier (PC), and because they were on special for a pittance also FFXV (PS4) and FarCry Primal (PC).

Those with a slab or two of Guinness should keep me busy. :D