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What game are you currently playing thread?



Holy crap. I thought not many people knew this game. Got 1 and 2 on my modded ps2 with hdd. Stopped playing it though because pc gaming , league of legends, and under family aggro.


skyrim is the original game, full mod compatibility etc.

Special edition is the revamped version with some graphical improvements and incompatible with most (if not all) mods as of right now. The authors need to revamp their mods in order to make it compatible.

The vanilla games, however, are basically identical save the graphical improvements that special edition gives you.


Ah, and are mods worth thinking about right now? Or just enjoy it for what it is?


Xcom 2 is the shiznit


... except when you seem to be missing every shot :(


Lol, I already put twice as many hours in Zelda BoTW as Witcher 3, have no idea how. But it's my new favorite Zelda game now.


How many hours did you put into The Witcher 3?


I am now playing Zelda BotW. frame rate is crap at time but the game is so good i don't care.


Basically, yeah. Surprising that the Switch and Wii U get similar framerates, just a different areas. Loving it though.


Still playing Skyrim on ps3, but also been playing dead trigger quite a bit on the mobile - with a dualshock 4 of course



I don't know why, but it seems that the BATMAN LEGO series is harder then the other LEGO games. I beat both Harry Potters and the Jurasic Park in a week. And I'm three weeks into BATMAN and I only got 12% of the game completed.


I rented Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands for Xbox One from Family Video. Loads of open world fun this far but I really wish I could get a better grip on troop placement in my platoon although it seems it isn't really needed as the AI does enough. Thing is though I am playing it on the easiest level. The good news is even on this level I have still managed to die at times. Now as for presentation I am sure there are some voice actors that are big names in real life but I can't be sure on it. Also graphically the game looks really nice on the Xbox One and I am not even playing it at 4K upscaled yet on my 4K tv so it could look even better. Oh and one other thing I wish I had a better understanding of is what weapons to pick up and what not to. Anyway great fun ... recommend it as a rental for sure and recommend any game that costs decent money be something you rent first before shelling out for it.


I have been playing it on the Wii-U and it's only bad in high populated places with the only real difference between the switch being some AA.
Dont watch unless you have done the fight or dont care.


Playing Hotline Miami 2. Just finished 1, I got 'em on a weekly sale a few days ago. Always wanted to play them and.. Man they ARE as good as they say.

(I live on steam sales since I'm just a half time working student, I get my fix whenever I can)


Breath of the Wild. Currently cringing at the voice acting and wishing I'd gotten the Japanese version... the gameplay is really fun though.


Played some Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition, cause there doesn't seem to be any store that has the Switch in stock.
It's fun though.


I've been playing this game on PC with my brother on advanced difficulty, its fairly hard at first and we can still die quickly in combat if we are not careful but its great fun. Also this game is really long, so far we've completely cleared 4 areas and have 17 left to do with around 30+ hours of playtime.


LOL! I can only dream of playing games on advanced difficulty.


Is anyone playing Nier Automata? I am awaiting the release on pc...


Picked up the early access RTS Northgard when my gaming monitor decided it was time for a repair(cant stand shooters at 60 Hz anymore). It's quite early on in some ways but perfectly playable as a smaller version of a mix of Settlers with a bit more combat and focus on expansion and survival during events like the occasional harsher winter.

The partly simplified economics keeps it from getting too hectic in the mix of everything, and your military is usually a small group that needs to be made the most out of.

I like the viking'ish fantasy setting and that a typical free-for-all skirmish game against three AI doesn't have to take a whole evening.