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What game are you currently playing thread?



As close to currently as possible...


Warframe. Always playing warframe...


Bought Hollow Knight after watching Dodger's streams. The art and gameplay appealed to me, and I saw this as a chance to test my XBOne controller's digi-pad in a 2D Metroidvania style game.
No chance. There's an issue with the controller (and other controllers from other people, mostly XBOne controllers and Logitech F310) which makes playing the game impossible. This issue seems to be around since the beta and still hasn't been fixed (among other issues).
Buyers beware!

Played some Guacamelee instead. Controls work just fine but when I dodge with the right analog stick the mouse cursor keeps moving.


Nier: Automata has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time (and no, not because of the MC's perfectly rendered ass lol). PC performance issues were negligible on my end but did still get better after installing a fix from a dedicated modder. The OST alone earns this game the title of 'instant classic' in my books, but then its also in the way that the OST is delivered throughout the game that makes it that much better.

Interesting characters that are very well voice-acted but they wern't given much to work with in the overall plot, still a unique and interesting story with an ending (err....several of them) that I found, well, kinda hilarious in a way even though it wasn't supposed to be lol. Would recommend to anyone that even remotely likes action games.




I like the attention to detail that was put into the game ;)

Haha, in all seriousness, I'll have to pick it up sometime. I've just gotta finish some other games before I justify adding yet another game to the backlog.


Can't wait for sale...
Can't really afford quarter of my monthly salary to go for Nier..
Still the game seems to have crazy good response from everyone, who's opinions I respect...


Still playing blackjack and added Spanish 21 (a version of blackjack) to the games I play last night.


I'm playing Torment: Tides of Numenera and must say I love it so far. Backing it was definitely worth it :D


It's so good

Like it better than Pillars. That story was kinda dull in the beginning to me in Pillars and never really hooked me.

Tides got me right away, and still is going strong.

Can't wait to play Tyranny as that one also looks to be a great story, it's a good time to be a rpg fan.


Square Enix sales usually come up 3-4 time a year so shouldn't be too long of a wait (plus Steam summer sale coming up). Nearly impossible to make a perfect game but if I cant give this one a 10/10 then I couldn't give any game a 10/10.


The grind never ends.


Yep, Pillars never got me 100% either, while I fell in love with T:ToN from the start (even though T:ToN's Anamnesis system was more or less copy pasted from Pillars).

What I find intriguing is that even though Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in a completely different galaxy, T:ToN is much more different/weirder than many other games. I love that about it too :-)


Installing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds right now. I'm pretty excited for it.


When I get home after work, I will download and try the 8-bit Bayonetta game...


It is extremely difficult. Be prepared.


Fully prepared :slight_smile:


I finally played some BIT.TRIP Runner again yesterday before going to play blackjack as usual each day. It was a nice change of pace and it finally might have jarred something in my head making me realize there is more to life than playing cards. I was starting to lose it and create even worse issues for myself. (Btw I am still up $250 on blackjack so it wasn't about losing money. Also at the tables playing blackjack I was up far more.)


Totally forgot I had Risk of Rain in my library. Just played some of it and I still suck, can't get past the third transporter on easiest difficulty. It would be nice if I had some friends that wanted to play it.


Remind me in a couple of weeks or so :slight_smile:
I loved Risk of Rain but I only played commando and engineer. Engi was much easier.