What do you use to map? Alternitives to Garmin Basecamp and Google Earth

I don’t want to know suggestions, I can google that, I would love to hear what people are using like @bedHedd’s great post A Open Source Google Maps Alternative? OsmAnd+ and Pinpoi Explored

I would like to know is what everyone uses alternatively to garmin basecamp and google earth to map out trips, hikes, places of intrest and what not. Would love work flows from phone to desktop. I don’t want to use Bascamp or Google Earth, I do love me some open source that is all mine, but I don’t mind if it’s apart of the work flow.

I have a few Garmin products and started using nextcloud maps for basic placement of point of interest. I know you can upload openstreetmaps to the garmin devices with some caveats (though I have yet to try.) What I really want is something I can put all my data to, phone and gps plus mark on my computer, in one place and sync it to all devices like an offline google maps. maybe this is simple with OSMAnd+ and OSM in general but I haven’t tried.

Programs I’ve seen:

  • Mapillary - Open Source street view
  • OsmAnd - phone based OSM
  • Open street maps - online version (would love to know a self hosted one that works as good)
  • Qgis - Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
  • OSgeo projects - OSGeo’s list of FOSS map/geo projects. Haven’t used more than OSM and Qgis.

I should also say some things I would like to do other than just trip planning and saving points of interest on the phone or GPS. For the computer program I would like:

  • Trip planning - way to plan and mark a hike, car ride, walking route and saving it as a named route

  • Points of interest - placing custom points of interest and info on that place along with tags (fun, hard hike, go to food and so on)

  • Geotag images - able to save and view images geotagged from my phone or what have you

  • Street view - would be great to have mapillary support or something like it

  • Google Earth like interface - I know it doesn’t exist but I would like it

  • Address database - The ability to get it from the web or have a local database of addresses