What distro are you using?

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Mint
  • Arch
  • Manjaro
  • OpenSUSE
  • Fedora


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Arch here running I3 gaps

What about you guys, what do you run? Post your setup as well


I am settled in the debuverse... that means for ease of use, and kinda... the it's what I use approach I still stick with Ubuntu Gnome (classic gnome 2 back when, since that gnome shell as I passionately dislike unity) for my main laptop

For servers I stick with debian itself.

Debian is my go to after arch.
I started on ubuntu but got annoyed with it's bloat so I went with debian after that. I was pretty happy but arch is just so small.


Ubuntu Gnome I actually do not feel like is overly bloated - shure I am removing stuff after each release upgrade; but it works...

I tried debian once for my laptop and it was bad.. most stuff that makes the laptop work as supposed is non free and thus "hard" to get in debian ^^

Arch - i tried to install, but I guess I was not motivated enough to realy dig into the howtos so failed and gave up for the meanwhile

I´m currently having some fun with Manjaro.
Cant wait for the final release of Daniella.


Thats why there are distributions like Manjaro, which is based on Arch.
But honnestly in the end it doesnt realy matter a whole lot, Fedora and its spins, Open Suse, Debian etc they are all good imo.


My wife like Mint. She is not into tek at all she just wants a computer that works. She now hates Win 10. For non-techies it is a great option


Raspberry Pis: Raspbian

Workstations: Ubuntu GNOME 15.10

VPS: Ubuntu Server 15.10

Old test machines: everything that seems to be interesting to have a look at but shouldn't be installed on my workstations

New test/gaming machine: Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with WINE - want to get
some games running. This machine is also used for kernel testing -
before I update my workstations to the latest kernel version (need that
for software development) I install it on that machine to see if
something might break on my workstations

Laptops: Ubuntu GNOME

(No)Chrome book: Elementary OS - running natively

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CentOS : Main laptop , servers
RHEL : servers
Ubuntu - Lubuntu - Ubuntu server - Ubuntu Mate : desktop, netbook, vm servers, server
Kali : vm
Fedora Server : vm
Raspian : pi
Arch : spare laptop

Xubuntu 15.04 on my main rig, Ubuntu gnome 14.04 on some laptops,Elementary on another laptop, OpenSuSe on another laptop, Deepin on another laptop, debian on another laptop and mint on a macbook pro with audio issues. I like laptops for testing, might burn through SSDs at times but way better then vitualbox.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I installed the main Ubuntu and realized that couldn't look at the Unity desktop for another two years. It's fun, stable, and has replaced Windows XP as my favorite operating system.

Fedora server for my server :p
Fedora for workstation for my laptop and desktop*

*also dual boot with Win7 pro for games

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Ubuntu server

Why not Debian?

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Arch running XMonad (no gaps)


Sexy mofo

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ubuntu-GNOME for the most part. But also use Funtoo, Sabayon (Both Gentoo derivatives), openSuse, Fedora.

Really don't have a favorite as such but if I had to choose only one to run on all my systems I'd probably go for Funtoo.

Antergos - desktop for everything but gaming
CentOS - server that I'm still configuring slowly
IPFire - router
Mint - ultrabook that I should use more...
Vulnhub.com - a few of these at a time on my main laptop for CTF exercises

That's like the opposite of what I do.
I do almost everything on my ultrabook because I spend so much time on the trains.

Why choose only one when you can have the best of multiple?
Example; I like to run:

Fedora for stability & security
Arch for convenience (AUR)


  • Fedora's repos suck, and keeping manually installed packages up to date is a pain.
  • Arch is too unstable, 1 breakage per year is too frequent.

So I run an Arch container inside Fedora in the background, with X and audio forwarding.
Add an extra Arch panel or dock to Fedora and boom seemless mode without the overhead of virtualization, since both systems run on the same kernel and hardware.

EDIT: Arch Xfce panel under the Fedora gnome panel and I'm happy


I mostly stick with Debian/Ubuntu based distros, just because they're so simple

Mint 17.3 (plus i3 window manager)-Desktop
Kubuntu 16.04- Laptop
Bunsen Labs- soon to be installed on one of these
Xubuntu-technically installed on my mom's old laptop but the damn thing barely boots anymore

so yeah, .deb all the way lol

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