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What are you watching right now?

I’ve reached the stage in every hardcore anime-watcher’s life wherein I’m constantly staying up on neat looking anime every season. Right now, I’m keeping up with Pop Team Epic (of course), Ancient Magus Bride, Beatless, and Black Clover. There are also the ones I’ve been following for a good while (2+ years): Dragon Ball Super, which is coming to an end within the next couple months, and One Piece (it’s not worth, just read the manga).

Then there’s Serial Experiments Lain which I just started, which I will thoroughly enjoy.

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Still have to finish that as well.
Lately I leave The Blacklist running on netflix while doing stuff. Not a great show but it is worth it just to watch Spader to be the arrogant prick and rip people apart from time to time.

Almost done with Breaking Bad. Been a few years since I watched it last. Still like it alright, just feel like Walt’s transition was sort of abrupt.

Next was going to be Fringe, but I think I’ll do Altered Carbon first.

This Is US

Catching up with the Roadkill Garage episodes i never watched, MToD is actually really nice!

I started watching this last night, as I’m a real sucker for hard SF. So far I think it’s pretty good. Thankfully Netflix gets to make shows without compromise for broadcast limitations so it’s definitely adult in nature throughout.

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Watched Devilman Crybaby twice (both English and Japanese) because a friend recommended it. It was OK. I want to like it but the show fell short on executing its themes well.

Been rewatching Initial D. I’m starting season 4.
It’s pretty old, so it’s not HD (though it does improve), but it’s a must watch for any car enthusiast.
You can learn a lot from it, I learned Toyota made a 5 valve per cylinder engine, which blew my mind haha.

Here’s an AMV that I’m posting as a trailer (the original show doesn’t look nearly as HD).



Redefining what a lion hunt is
"kid at our age this is as sporting as it gets"

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The best sponsor spot …

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found an anime I loved and forgot about, Dimension W, bit of fan service but I wish they could expand on the story, love the universe its set in. and I love the main characters Toyota 2000gt!

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I’m watching Planet Hulk, because a friend recommenced it it.

BTW that’s a legal and free streaming service (I’m not affiliated with Tubi).

Just finished watching Altered Carbon.
I rate it 6/10.

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I started watching Man in the High Castle
It’s a story about what life would be like if Nazi Germany and the Empire of the Rising Sun would win WW2. The story is taking place in North America. It’s alright at the moment but nothing earth shattering.


If you like the series.

The book it’s based on is even better,

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I very much enjoyed the series, but have not read the book. Too many books to get to first…

I’m currently enjoying the Frankenstein Chronicles. Halfway through season 2.

Ash vs. Evil Dead! First episode of season 3 is already fucking amazing again. xD

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