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What are you watching right now?


Did they get the third season on Netflix yet? I guess you’re in Germany and have different options. I’ll have to check.

Edit: nope :persevere:


… tutorials on pluralsight for motion graphics in cinema4d

FOR FUN :smiley:


Yeah, I’m watching it on amazon.

Different releases for different countries… it is so dumb.


Completely stupid.

Can’t watch it on Prime, would have to add a Starz subscription, which definitely isn’t happening.



Now that season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is over

I started season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead.


Laugh at me if you want, but I’ve been extremely depressed for… 4 months? And I’m just going down a list of color vomit television shows. Anything from My Little Pony to old Tom & Jerry. Everything from now to like the 40’s.


I have a mental block for My Little Pony, but I did watch The Regular Show and enjoyed it.

Tom & Jerry will always be great in my book alongside Looney Toons, and Animaniacs.

I also think Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Avatar: The Last Airbender are top notch films.

TL;DR: Cartoons are great, and nothing wrong with enjoying them as an adult.


Sure, I like watching Donald Duck but I acknowledge that it’s a show for kids. Just like My little pony is a show for 10 year old girls and Shōnen-anime is for teenage boys.


Not entirely true, Shounen actually refers to teenage boys to guys in their early 20s (iirc it’s like 13 to 25 or something). But yes, the typical shounen style anime, i.e. Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc. are all aimed at the younger portion of that group. I’ve seen some shounen anime that really isn’t for children.


I just started watching The IT Crowd on Netflix via the tablet while I’m cooking or doing nothing in particular. I didn’t even know it was British. Not too bad now that I can’t watch Family Guy or Futurama on that service.



The IT-Crowd does have some really funny moments, sometimes just nerdy, sometimes very British.


Both of which I appreciate!



So, you like pain? :rofl:

I can’t watch anything right now, I have a job to do.


Currently binging my way through Malcolm in the Middle for the somethingth time.




I watch anime, so yes…


Learning about a brand I haven’t looked into much.


Not right now obviously but I watched Avengers - Infinity War earlier today.
My expectations were pretty high… It completely blew me away.
Please do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as possible.