Wendell's rig and specs

I know a lot of people would like to know what Wendell has in his system(s). You did a video about 2 years ago and know he has upgraded since then. Always been curious about this.

At home I've got a 4770k and using a GTX 770. I need something with more vram though.. perhaps I can bum one from Logan (they make us send back some of the stuff. blerg. so they can send to other reviewers. Sometimes we use ad money to buy stuff.) Using an older crucial m4 512gb ssd, and 16gb of adata ram. Korean monitors. Right now also the dell 23" 4k because I'm testing games on it.

At work, it's more korean monitors.. and some dell monitors.. 6 monitors on my main rig, total resolution 4360x2880. Still rocking a i7 3940k 6 core, though mainly I also work on a dual socket 2011 with two Xeon 2630s. 32gb ram, 72 in the server.. need to upgrade to 128gb.. Main workstation has two AMD 6870 2gb cards in it. 

I will be upgrading the work rig.. soon.... 


This makes me feel ashamed that I still have an i3-3240. And only one system. But that's awesome you have all that stuff. Is the dual Xeon the build you and Logan made in like September? That made me so jealous. And I really need to get some Korean Monitors. I have a Hanns-G that I got for $150. It has a TN panel, but it still looks good. But the Korean monitors are 1440p, and are just around $100 more. And I need monitor arms.

First gen i3's kicked ass. Heard they locked down the newer ones, so overclocking is out of the question. 

Nice rigs Wendell i might make the korean monitor jump since i got newegg giftcards for my birthday and recommendations for over 1080p monitors? are any over 60hz that u can recommend? 

the korean xstars are overclockable.. both mine do 72hz no problem and one does 120hz. the other gets weird much past 100hz.  The shimians I did not have much luck running past 60 hz.


those i3 are nothing to sneeze at. I'm testing a pentium g3420 (I think.. might be a 3240) that is within spitting distance of the 4770k in just about every game except metro last light. its the 4770k we use for testing around here.

That xeon system was for a friend -- this is a server class xeon mobo instead of workstation. more ram slots. :)

Its for work so it's not like they're toys.... but its hard to dump a bunch of money into one machine when you have a better experience spreading tasks to several machines and doing it that way


I did not know you could overclock a monitor...?

most LCDs are designed to run at 60hz. because they dont refresh like CRTs. the only thing I notice at 72hz is the mouse cursor movement seems a lot smoother


You guys need to throw up numbers with the i7 then. Somewhat regret selling off my i3 530 but I figured somebody out there would put it to better use then sitting in a box. One of these days I might try out the nas thing, maybe I can dump steam on there. Haven't looked em up so I don't know how they work. I am assuming they work like a server but in house.

Wendell, stop holding back the truth. We all know about your re-implimentation of the HAL 9000.

I don't think implication was the word you were looking for. I understand what you are saying though. Wendell has a doomsday device that he isn't sharing with the rest of us. Pretty pointless to have a secret doomsday device if you ask me.

It's a secondary definition.

"the action or state of being involved in something."

Could have chosen a better word. So I did. Hah.

Those x-stars are samsung pls panels arent they?

cause ips panels are not realy overclockable...

I had to jab you in the ribs over the auto correct.

"I suppose I could give up one of my doomsday devices and still be feared..."


I forget.. the shimian is LG and the xstars are.. samsung I think? Or maybe that's vice versa? But the stars are not glossy. the shimians are glossy like mac. I think NMJ had good luck overclocking his, which was xstar also. 

That is exactly what I have. 4770k with gtx770. My 770 has 4gb vram though.

Yes Q-stars are samsung pls, and shimian are LG-Ah-ips, Qnix have used both panels.

My Philips gioco 3D, is also a LG-AH-ips, running stock at 75 hz, its glossy too. unfortunatly its only 1080p, 1440P monitor are arround €500 uphere thats kinda rediculous expensive, i hope that they will lower in price someday.

I was also thinking about picking some of those korean monitors, on amazon, but including the shiping, and tax it will probably not worth it for me. unfortunalty.

ah, that's a newer revision IPS panel than the LG panels I have in the shimians. I don't believe I've tried one of those. The crazy thing is that those korean panels in korea go for something like $200 USD. 1/3 of the price is shipping. You might be able to do a group buy with others in your area and get a better rate on shipping. 

I like that there is no scaler. I suspect, but not sure, that the newer ones (literally, the LCD is displayport itself. No electronics). have some crazy good input latency and that these monitors, in general, are better than a lot of monitors for gaming because of that. I need to build some sort of apparatus and uses the ipad retina display as a baseline because I am sure that LCD is eDisplayPort right on the panel. Literally the video card plugs directly into the LCD. no chip between them. I think that'll mean we're at CRT levels of latency, or less. 

Need to build a machine to test that theory! lol.