Wendell's rig and specs

yeah i saw those prices in korean, they are rediculous cheap.

Would be awesome if there is anyway to test that theory indeed. I have to say that im personaly not realy notice any bad imput lag wen gaming on my ips monitor. it seems totaly fine. ☺

Apparently our Tek Support money goes to the Globetrotters payroll.

Hey thanks for the reply and insite!

Hey Wendell, what are the dell monitors you're running at the top at the moment? 

Got my ViewSonic VX2439wm up to 82hz but did see some artifacting from time to time and some games just had a fit.  But damn felt so smooth.  

Much better than a super fast response time, mine has 3 setting for response time Standard, Advanced and Ultra Fast.  Though I leave it on standard I don't like the gradient banding on HDR, Bloom effects and videos get weird pixel shifting.

What I'm interested in at the moment is 21:9 Monitors.  Would really like one to watch movies on and have a more immersive and panoramic experience in games without going triple monitors.