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Well, there goes my SSD


I think my SSD just died…

I was watching… playing an YouTube video while trying to load a Cities Skylines to tinker with my map when the game crashed and took the browser with itself.
So I did exactly the same thing expecting different results, and what do you know, the same result. Game crashed, browser crashed…
So I restarted my PC. It happened before and a restart cleared all the issues I had. So I restarted, but the system didn’t even wanted to load windows. So I went into BIOS and restored default settings, set the ram to 2666 and boom - no SSD in the boot list.
After so e tinkering it showed up, but it still doesn’t boot windows properly.
I reach Desktop and then it all freezes…

My only explanation at this point is the SSD… I had a couple messages like this before

And now it doesn’t even boot windows.

It’s a 5-6 years old SSD… Not new by any chance…
Guess now is my chance to get an NVME…

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That Adata quality

Pete on the real sucks bro



You been having the worst PC luck lately no?



What model



I’m now considering the very cheap 128GB SX6000, the 256GB SX9000, the 240GB SX8200 or the best reviewing 240GB SX8200 Pro…
I’d be fine with a simple SATA SU630 240GB drive, cheaper than almost all of them, but still only SATA…

My current drive is ADATA SP900 64GB…



I’d be interested to know if you can still read that drive



How old is it?



It says AData on it



UEFI doesn’t detect it. If I go into BIOS trying to set boot order, it tells me I only have the spinning rust WD black.
If I press F11 while booting to pick up boot drive, then it does detect it and it boots to the desktop where it dies…



Wow, 64GB. I have 120GB SSDs on my Nvidia Shield TVs just because they’re so cheap. They cost $20 apiece and the USB3 enclosures were $8.

Anyway, get Macrium reflect free, burn a boot disk to a flash drive, plug in both SSDs, boot off the flash drive, then clone it and expand.

You will of course need another computer to make that flash drive, though. Otherwise install your OS to the new SSD and do it there, then overwrite it with the clone after booting from the flash.



You don’t talk shit about ADATA in my presence, sir…

They are cheap now… They weren’t when I bought the drive… The money I spend on it back then can buy me 256GB NVMe today…

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Yep, prices dropped like a brick. I remember I paid $450 for my old 160GB Intel SSD back in the day.

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Try changing the sata cable.
I’ve had one go bad on me that suddenly caused all sorts of weird problems with a drive that worked fine in other systems and was functioning fine prior.

It does seem like old age though.



I wouldn’t trust a drive that did that. It’s only 64GB, it’s old garbage, buy a new one.

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Nope… Boot to Desktop - unresponsive. Even the start button doesn’t work…




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Stop trying to use the drive, it might stop working entirely and then you’ll lose your data. Buy a new SSD and do what I posted earlier.



I had an ADATA drive do the same thing. I originally thought it was a heat issue because after letting the drive sit overnight I could get it to boot but after 30 or 45 mins it died again.

Its the only Adata drive I have ever had an issue with and like yours it was probably 6 years old. I still buy Adata drives as they have been the most reliable SSD’s that I have ever used.



Oh for FFS, I didn’t insult your sanctified AData. I didn’t talk shit, I didn’t say anything bad. Made a snarky response but keep flagging away.

“I’d be interested to know if you can still read that drive”

My response:

“It says AData on it”

Read, get it… oh nevermind. It’s 6 years old, it puked, welcome to life.