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Welcome to Valhalla (Folk Metal Thread)



Come now, no Isengard? Fenriz is a metal god. To not have one of the first folk metal bands and one of the few good ones is a sin. Additionally Valhalla is a latinisation, use Valholl/Valhall instead, it's more authentic.


Try Bathory's viking metal albums (1988 - 1991 and 2002 -2004) there is some stuff like this and also a mix of much more primitive stuff and some acoustic tracks. It also reminds me of Iron Maiden a bit.


You also may be interested in this thread, the board is kind of dead but people still post there occasionally


Ha! Just joined the forums (been watching L1T on YouTube for a while now) and found the perfect thread straightaway!

Here's a contribution I hadn't seen yet, Lumsk with their first (and best) full-length, Åsmund Frægdegjevar:

I do not believe they have a YT channel or any official videos. Encyclopaedia Metallum lists them as active but it's been a decade since any release unfortunately.



I've added these guys (and gal) to my Spotify mega playlist, thanks for sharing!


This album is really good, symphonic/ heavy metal.


Not a big fan of folk metal in general, but fintroll... Man, Fintroll...

However, I don't know if Wintersun counts? I mean I don't understand a single word Jari is saying. Singing...
Time 1 took 8 years. I can barely wait for Time 2, but if it is as good as Time 1 I would rather wait for it...

EDIT... They have a new album... Wintersun that is... brand new, this year...



Had to come back and rep one of my favorite bands of all time, Falkenbach:

Anyone else (besides me) still buy albums on vinyl, BTW? I love the portability of digital, but nothing sounds as good as wax.


Nothing a little Wintersun to wake you up in the morning.


One of the songs, that hooked me up to Wintersun :slight_smile:


Folk Metal <3


New Ensiferum!


Turning into Manowar? :joy:


This time a Croatian band, Stribog:

Earlier albums had some... questionable content, but I really like this album and they seem to have moved away garbage politics (hopefully).

Maybe it can be tempered with some more Týr! :grin::


Stribog was new for me, really interesting! Sounded like Karelian folk and a bit Sámi with a slav twist, is that a 'traditional' Croatian sound/melody/tune?


Honestly I haven't the foggiest. My wife's grandmother was from Croatia though, so the next time the in-laws visit I will try and remember to ask (that's in about three weeks).


Well you don't need to do that, this band just plays with another style apparently. Croatian folk sounds very much like your stereotypical eastern balalaika music.
Just funny that Stribog got influences from the most unexpected corners XD

But yeah it's easy to distinguish where a specific sound originates from (or easy for europeans at least)


Are you sure this is folk, cause it sounds very Black to me...


It's black/death but folk twist.
Anywho carrying on XD


Semi new band, not a huge fan myself but has potential