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Welcome to Valhalla (Folk Metal Thread)



Bagpipes + Metal = Eargasm


Manegarm is awesome, and you're welcome dude, I knew there were more folk metal fans on the forum, we just needed a place to drink and fight!


And we shall drink and fight then.


You know, I was debating if I should include Amon Amarth, but fuck it.


You have to be kidding me xD. Wanted to include them too. They are not folkmetal but 100% Viking so yea. Was listening to them like crazy the whole album on repeat. And @Ethereal the horn is coming soonTM... MAHAHAAHA.


May I present to you Jaldaboath. :smiley: The band that brought us "Axe wielding nuns".



Black + folk metal


Skalmold ("Age of Sword")


So, this isn't a metal band, but a traditional Norse folk band. I feel like it deserves a place here.


Excuse my ignorance, but what makes AA not folkmetal?


Some danish gold, even a flute can be metal lol


Most people classify them as melodeath.


This is fucking awesome.


I guess I can see that, especially for their earlier stuff.



Celtic folk metal, also contains flute because flutes are metal


This is also epic, not metal but I still have it in the folk metal playlist
Valhalla damn it!


By Odins beard, this is amazing.


I hope i surprise somebody with this band. They are a German folkmetal, pagan metal, german speaking. Very interesting mix of instruments in this particular track. Not Viking but hey pagan is at least related.

"Auf in dem kampf. Frei bis zum tot. Die herzen voller wucht. Gerechtigkeit verlangt das blut. Zeit für revolution. (Head into battle. Free till death. Hearts full of force. Justice demands blood. Time for revolution.)"


The Fathers of Folk if you allow my expression...

And for me, one of the best lyricists in metal.


Been trying to find more music like this since I found these guys:
Invoker's my favourite track.