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Welcome to Valhalla (Folk Metal Thread)



Not really...
If the Scottish, for example, didn't had the bag pipes it would have sounded like every generic metal...
Same with every other style, that counts on instruments.
I can always say if the band is Scandinavian or not. The melody, the sound in general...
The others are... weirdly mashing together if it weren't for the local instruments.


Well it's not all that black-and-white after all, but generally even without local instruments it's not all that hard to listen to a tune regardless of music style and then point on the map where it roughly originates from.
The same with faces, you can 70% of the time tell where a foreigner is from by just looking at them.


Well people have been posting Ensiferum which I consider a stretch :wink:

Honestly there are some seriously blurred lines considering folk-influenced metal, and there have been a lot of black or "blackened" bands lately with regard to utilizing traditional instruments, or blending into more of an "epic" or symphonic style.

Hopefully we can all agree on Folkearth though!


Not strictly folk metal but gets lumped into the genre, enjoying them so far.


Thank you for posting Stribog didn't knew my neighbors did such good music.


Hey guys super stoked about this one. Soo… it’s from my country :D. I am really curious what you guys think of our language. The band is from a small city called Brezno (Slovenia).

Fun fact: the Accordion that you can hear in the music is our national instrument and i hate it but played/mixed like this it’s just beautiful.

Bandcamp link:


Very nice song! I have kind of a softspot for folkmetal written in “unconventional” languages. Slavic ones are always nice, since they sound quite different and unusual to a speaker of germanic languages.

I guess I should leave something as well. I am surprised I have not seen any Eluvietie here. It is a band from Switzerland playing a mix of melodic death and Celtic music (although they vary quite a lot between songs). They use a lot of different instruments, and are quite a blast to see live (8-9 people on stage). Bonus point for occasionally singing in “reconstructed Gaulish”, a language spoken in Europe in Roman times

I also want to recommend to try out a new band that is very local for me. They play doom with medieval inspiration. It is much slower than most song posted here, but I think it might fit anyway


I hadn’t heard of Apocalypse Orchestra before, I love it.


Folk metal? :smiley: Oh boy!

I love Tyr. I know theres a bunch of other bands I like but I haven’t listened to them in so long I’ve forgotten a lot of them @[email protected]


I am not surprised, they are very small (no wikipedia page even) and just released the first album. But I am glad someone else liked them!


Should people start adding the Metal Archives links to bands? I find them useful, especially when looking for similar music or seeing which members are in other projects.


If you want extra internet points then sure. lol


Damn. Those guys are awesome.


Hey now, I take what I can get!

Now let’s all settle down for some Svarga:Сварга/51656


A bit of folk metal from Belarus:Адарвірог


Hadn’t seen any Cruachan here yet. A little sad that Karen Gilligan left (wow that was a decade ago…) but the band is still making solid albums IMO, even if the lyrics have gotten a bit simpler.


It is a glorious day for a new Ensiferum album!


Didn’t see Skáldmöld here :sunglasses:


Cringe title but good music (instrumental)


New band discovered!

Blencathra with These Bones Became the Roots of the Forest (full album… worth the whole thing though).

May or may not qualify as folk metal as it’s really just black metal interspersed with acoustic sections, but damn is it good…