Way Improve Battery life

A free App to show what apps are running in your Android background and shut down them.

ShutApp: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yirga.shutapp

And by doing this, it makes huge differences to your battery life. 

The only thing is that It cannot run automatically but helps a lot to save battery.




- We are the developer of ShutApp. And any suggestion for ShutApp is highly appreciated. :)

- It is not open resource but it is totally free. Without Ads or malware.

- You need to enable accessibility service of ShutApp before you use it. It means that you give the permission to ShutApp so that it can shut down other apps. It will not collect personal information ever and forever.

- Require Android 4.1 or above.


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Please edit your post to provide disclosure. You're plugging your app on the Android store (since the name of the app is the same as the user name you use), so I think it's fair to disclose the following information to the forum members:

- Are you the developer of the app;

- Is the app open source, and if it is, what's the link to the source code;

- What is the business model of the app, is it free and ad-supported, or is it non-free, and how much does it cost;

- What is the privacy awareness level of the app, does the app require permissions, and if so, which ones, and if data is gathered, what is done with the data;

- On which Android versions does it work, and are there any excluded devices;

- Is the app also offered on free repositories like f-droid.org?

Thanks for completing that info as soon as possible. If you're plugging FLOSS, feel free, providing that you answer the questions the forum might have about your software, but if it's not OSS, it may be seen as commercial advertising, in which case I think it's fair that you would contact Tek Syndicate management first.

updated. :)

Thanks, much appreciated! Now it's not spam any more, but it's a product announcement, and everybody is happy...

Good luck with your Android development!

Looks neat!

Join in the community and do a blog post about Android App development. The best advertising tells a story. :D

Thanks! :)

Anyone tried ShutApp?

If your rooted isn't greenify a bit better?


Yes if your are rooted, Greenify is a very good choice.

If you are unrooted, ShutApp is better. You may have to set on your own and stop apps manully in Greenify in this case, but you can do that in one tap with ShutApp. 

ShutApp is much easier to use. 

Widget is available in the version we released 14 hours ago. 

Now you will know clearly and instantly about the number of background apps from home screen and stop them in one tap.!

Anyone tried the WIDGET?

Waiting for the MagicShut...

Great app. I tried it on my Fire HDX, and it's near flawless however I have a suggestion. You guys should provide a notification widget allowing you to clean your device straight from the the notification bar. This should be a feature that you can turn off in the settings. Another thing I'd find interesting is if you guys, when killing applications, could provide a way to view a console of what's going on in the background. When not in use, for say a period of a minute, it should be killed in the background. It'd be great if you could set up an annual cleanup allowing the app to run say at night to avoid intrusion. It'd be great if you guys provided the APK on a website so that those who can't access the Play Store can still retrieve it. I, myself had to use 1mobile as my Fire is not rooted. So far, so good. Keep up the good work!

Hi, thank you for your support. Very impressive ideas.

We will consider to add suggested feature to ShutApp if we find a good way to present.

Will keep going on. :)

An update is coming soon.

MagicShut is great. I wonder what PocketShut will do.

Just stay updated. ; )

good job Annabel.

guys closing apps on android is actually not the way it should work. it consumes less if you keep it in memory. if your battery is draining to fast you have a bad app... as simple as that

Giving it a try now. Looks pretty good so far...