Way Improve Battery life

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What drains your battery (besides the obvious screen, and data connection), is your CPU running.

Most battery savers and task killers just remove the background tasks or services. When an app wakes up your CPU on its own when your device is in deep sleep, that will drain more battery. 

ShutApp saves battery in a different way. It actually stops apps from running in the background, stopping them from using RAM, CPU and wakelocks. That's why it can significantly improve battery life.

PocketShut will be available in next update. 

turn off wifi, bluetooth and sound! easier way to save battery life.

Yeah but I think the best solution to battery problem is to way improve battery life without changing the way you use your phone...


Best way to improve battery life? Use mobile sites instead of apps. With the Facebook app my phone lasts 1 day, without it two.

custom roms

+1 Somebody give this guy or girl a slice of Ukraine. 

EDIT: Plus web services are not so intrusive as apps.

I'm sorry but this is a basic functionality of task manager in every android device. I don't see the point in using this. Besides ShutApp is another application running on your device that eating up HW resources. So using ShutApp kind of defeats the purpose it was made for.

Lol. This person would love a slice of Ukraine, thank you very much :D


And indeed, sites have much less permissions than apps. It's a good thought knowing that Facebook is not stealing my texts, photo's and whatever more. 

Could you guys upload an APK? I can't go through Google on my Kindle.