Wasabi Mango UHD400 40" 4k VA

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Has anyone tried this panel? Does it come with freesync like it's bigger brother the UHD420?

Does it have the same 2% stretching issue that all the other 40" VA panels have? (see link)

Does anyone know what panel this is using? Is it the same Phillips panel that the other Korean monitors use?


Just received my Wasabi Mango UHD400, I don't know exactly what panel is used but it doesn't have any of the color bleed like the Philips. I immediately flashed the monitor with the latest firmware released on 23 Feb ( REAL4K0222VS) and I can confirm it has freesync in the menu. I have no way to test freesync functionality since my video card is an Nvidia 980ti. The main reason I bought this over the AMH A409u is Wasabi Mango advertises this monitor as HDCP 2.2 which I would need to stream 4k Netflix with my Roku 4.


Hi , I stream Netflix through : computer, western Digital stream box, boxee box, a cheap Philips dvd with Netflix and from the app on the 55 Samsung, and have never have had compatibility issues................ on all screens at home and the office!

In 4K?

Glad that someone took the plunge. What are your impressions of the monitor so far? How is the picture? How is the build quality? Which seller did you use, and was the purchasing experience good? Soirry to inundate you with questions.

of course not , upscaled from 1080p and darn nice, may I add.

Hi datech50,

Hows it going with the new Wasabi, hopefully you don't mind if i ask a couple of questions, what does the refresh rate seem like, is the mouse instant or do you see traces of any sorts? Also any light bleeding thorugh, in center, edges or corners? any dead pixels ?

If i do indulge myself I'd be using the monitor for design, development, video, etc, is it nice and clear and what is the reflective screen surface like, do the reflections get in the way or?

Anything you're not happy about?


Could you comment on whether not not this monitor handles white text on gray backgrounds properly?

The a409u Version 2 produces darker gray bars to the right of lighter text as seen here:
New photo by Nick Braun

You can reproduce this on this site's reply box in these forums.

I'd assume you'd see the same, considering these prolly share the same panel.

had you seen this:

this is version 1 not V2 AMH A409U

i have a Wasabi Mango UHD400 40” 4k on its way Via DHL as we speak i will do a full rundown on my thoughts in the next couple of days.. im hoping that i have no issues with it .

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Sorry I don't have those dark bars to the right of text in the reply section of this forum

The one thing about this monitor I dislike is the INSANELY BRIGHT blue power led.


try turning the gamma of the display card DOWN............and I also turn the gamma of the monitor to the minimum for general use. Much easier on the eyes and by the same fact easier to read. (IMO)

My gamma adjustment is just fine.
Its the power led.... the little bright blue dot at the very bottom center of the monitor that I'm saying is too bright,
not the display itself.

even if you have taken the pics with your phone or what ever the picture looks really nice.. i cant wait for mine to arrive.. i just noticed a store near me selling the phillips 4k 40" for cheaper then i got the wasabi but i still dont regret the purchase just yet. the phillips is only 8bit color i believe the UHD400 is 10Bit.. is the UHD400 a new model.. only reason i asked is you dont find much info online about the UHD400 .. you only seem to see alot about the UHD420

Can you test the freesync capabilities on it?

i have a AMD r9 290x and will be using display port 1.2 will freesync work with this configuration.. i honestly have not looked into Freesync enough to know the ins and outs of it .. but if i can do it then i dont mind making a video for you to show you when it arrives

Great, yes it will work, though you will have to enable it in the OSD of the monitor. There's a freesync demo you can use to test it which you can grab from the link on this page: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1011625/

(scroll down to where it says "AMD FreeSync™ Technology Demo tool Download Here")

thanks mate .. should have the monitor on this monday coming up ill send you the link to a youtube video of the test.. cheers

Yes the UHD400 shows up as 10 bit in Nvidia Control Panel in RGB color or YCbCr444 color.


Has anyone figured out whether this monitor is using the standard 1:1 pixel mapping, or has the stretching issue that other 40" VA panels have?

(See: https://hardforum.com/threads/seiki-pro-sm40unp-40-sm32unp-30-4k-led-monitors.1847674/page-2#post-1041445090)

To cut down on panel production costs, the pixels on this monitor are horizontally stretched to a ratio of 1:1.018 - so this will result in images looking wider than they really are, by nearly 2%.

For many of us, this is not too big an issue as the brain will compensate - but for those seriously/professionally involved with graphics, this slight distortion could be an annoyance, or a deal breaker. People will look slightly (2%) fatter and images will appear slightly wider than reality.

(normal vs stretched):

I don't entirely know how to test for 1:1 pixel mapping, but this page has a link on the top nav (hover over it) to 1:1 pixel mapping test: http://tft.vanity.dk/monitorTest_scale.html where it should show blocks of colour for non--standard pixel ratios, at least in theory. Could a UHD400 user give it a try and report back?

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