W790 Memory Overclocking

Does anyone know how the memory overclocking is going to work for W790 motherboards? The boards only support RDIMMs, and claim “1DPC Up to 6800+ MHz (OC)”, but I’ve never heard of RDIMM overclocking.

With the DDR5, UDIMMs and RDIMMs are key’d differently so the overclocking promise isn’t applicable to UDIMMs used on the platform (because they can’t be used).

Pictures of the Boards so far:

8 Channel Boards:

4 Channel Boards:

Asrock hasn’t announced an 8 channel board yet and Gigabyte is going to be announcing it’s boards later.

Boards are supposed to be out the second week of March and the W-3400’s will be out the third week of April.

Cant wait for an upgrade from my current 2nd gen Xeon platform on my WS, was planning on picking up icelake but on hold due to this new sapphire rapid hedt, gunna be nice to get away from my xeon 8280 based machine and get some more modern hardware

I like the boards, AM5 is too small and Threadripper Pro too big, if Saphire Rapids gets somehow good, I’ll go back to Intel.
But as I know Intel, the prices are at Threadripper Pro level or higher and the performance is not really better.

I’ve been holding off even worse, I’m still running roughly a dozen ivybridge and broadwell blades crunching massive sweeps of FGMRES problems and would really like to consolidate the systems and maybe cut down on power usage… be nice if studies would complete faster too.

The way I see it the cheapest threadripper pro is ~2200USD because 5965WX is the minimal viable threadripper, the 5955WX and 5945WX are only 2 chiplets and won’t be able to saturate the 8 memory channels they are supposed to have.

I haven’t tested this but I believe it takes a 5995WX to fully saturate the memory write budget on TR pro; similar to how a 5800x has half the write bandwidth of a 5900x

The W-3435X is the sweet spot for Intel’s HEDT I think, you get the golden cove cores that are comparable to zen 4, you have the full 8 memory channels of memory bandwidth and it’s “only” 1600USD compared to having to buy a 6600USD 5995WX to get full platform memory bandwidth.

I’m just happy, that these announcements should get standard TR, back in AMDs line up

yes, Zen4 with Zen3 IO-Die and TRX-40, shut up and take my money! :slight_smile:

I need at least 44 direct CPU PCIe lanes, Zen4 IPC, 16 cores with 4.5-5.2 Ghz and 4 memory channel.
Whoever delivers this at the best price is bought.

You could go into the W-2400 Xeons with those needs; They are supposed to be a monolithic MCC die instead of the chiplet XCC dies the w-3400 use so power consumption should be alot better than a chiplet design.

If AMD does another timed exclusive with lenovo, we won’t see threadripper 7000 until well into 2024.

yes, that’s what I thought too.
The thing mit AMD is Epyc sells too well, otherwise we would already have a release for TR 7000

If it turns out these workstation sapphire rapids don’t have memory overclocking I’m going to think about going epyc genoa instead… the price of a 16-core 9174F is like 4000USD which is steep though.

yes that was also a thought I had, but 4000$ for 16 cores :crazy_face:

the xmp rdimms arent out yet. soon(?) tm?

idk, this whole launch feels weird. But the boards Really Are in mass production. The final FINAL final (2) silicon must not have been available yet…

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Wonder if Intel will send off older SKUs, reworked to these new sockets, like x299s kickoff

ahhh so it will be non-JEDEC/overclockable RDIMMs, sounds kind of oxymoronic but exciting at the same time.

I just checked Asrock’s site and they have the memory QVL up for w790 now and it shows a bunch of 4800-6400mhz dimms with previously unused prefixes, looks like we’ll be getting a new class of memory!

The Asrock and ASUS 4-channel boards have hit retailer’s stock

Got my hands on the asus 8 channel board… now I just need to wait another month for the CPUs to be released.

Deceptively small cpu for scale on how large lga 4677 is: