Vox/The Verge going on a copyright strike abuse spree

What we know so far…:

  • The Verge’s parent company; Vox Media, “filed” a DMCA notice against Kyle from Bitwit, claiming that one of his video in question, “Lyle Reacts to the Verge’s PC Build Video”, violated their copyright. Whereas it’s clear they wanted to hide their embarrassment.

  • Kyle filed an appeal against the strike; and Youtube subsequently sided with him. Additionally, they sent an email to The Verge, concerning their copyright filing. Snippet from on of Kyle’s Tweets:

Hi The Verge, We are very concerned that your copyright notification may not be valid for some or all of the videos identified in your notification.

  • Many tech Youtubers are now jumping on the saga, with JayzTwoCents responding to this matter in his video, and later Steve from GamersNexus doing an investigation on copyright abuse:

  • In a merely unsurprising move, but with a surprising response in detail, The Verge claimed the copyright strike was done so due to “racism”, and also goes on about one comment in particular that implies a “death threat”:

Original post:

Vergers just won’t give up


I like to think The Verge did this out of sheer incompetence. They might have mistakenly thought there was a valid claim to be made on copyrite (yes, I am spelling it that way because it’s been a joke most of the time). I mean, they didn’t have the most guided “Build A PC” video.

Jokes aside, they really should have though. Sometimes it’s best to ignore people who act like a-holes on the Internet, not go and start abusing the big ass flaw YouTube has that Google/Alphabet refuses to fix. I had sympathy for the guy before but now I am not so sure.

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I lost sympathy for any one of them when they went full SJW and claimed the criticism of the video was racism and not the fact it was a complete piece of shit.

So doing a parody video was being an asshole?


The takeaway I garner from this is: No more fun.

Bah humbug


Funny part is when your shit is called you can either ignore it, tip your hat to it… or act like complete twats. Dyson got raked for their shitty ass buy all the YTers strategy… including enduring a hilarious GN parody video. Apparently Dyson took it on the chin well and moved on… learning lessons. In this case The Verge and Vox have chosen the twat strategy.


Exactly. The Dyson lesson was a perfect example of how to handle mockery. The Verge situation was a perfect example of how to tank your viewership.


Oh this is just too good… just two days before Vox got the video taken down:


Lmao, the irony


I only hope The Verge keeps their Damage Control 2.0 software updated. Cause shit’s gonna go down gangsta.


Oh Hai guis… Lyle back!


And speaking of logic… Steve drops some logic bombs.

This has got me thinking, Linus and Luke could be set for life if they make Floatplane a viable product. The nastyness of the retribution attempted by the Vox further highlights a very broke system. YT is ripe for pickings from a competing service right now.


Because they aren’t swimming in money already? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe… maybe not… who knows. But a viable YT alternative who will be ran and managed very differently. I would hate to do it… but I would pay for Steve or the L1 techs on Floatplane.

yay for vessel

wait a min…

not as long as linus keeps breaking $10,000 USD processors and such.

And such as that:

“LTT is not to be taken as an educational channel on computers, and such damages incurred by following the so-called tutorials on how to install the $10000 RGB turboencabulator cooling system to cool down your $10000 microprocessor will NOT be covered under warranty by the manufacturer.”

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not really

I imagine Linus is making a decent living, but considering the fact that before he gets paid, he has to pay the mortgage (or lease) on his warehouse, all the salaries for his employees, other bills and taxes, etc… he’s probably only barely into 6 figures, which really isn’t that much in Canada.

But in the end, who cares?

Is this a quote from somewhere?

based on a leak from a wan show 2-3 weeks ago… his pay has been into the 6 figures for 5+ years … iirc

and I think ltt only had ~2 million subs back then.

Oh hell… here we go, Verge doubles down with double speak and of course like true SJW… brings up RACISM.

I want to address a situation around some YouTube copyright strikes (since retracted) issued by The Verge and Vox Media that has gotten pretty toxic, and could have been avoided if the parties involved had simply reached out to me directly.

And then:

The Verge has written many times about the problems with YouTube’s copyright enforcement mechanism, and I do not think it works well enough for us to use it in cases like this.

So bitch, come crawling to me, kiss the ring, kiss it.



no way he used 90% of the footage… and pretty sure they mean Lyle.

Those two reaction videos used 90 percent of our footage without any edits, cuts, or otherwise transformative use, and one of them in particular featured what our legal team felt was a pretty racist character.