Volta just annouced tonight!

Just read a PC Perspective article Nvidia is releasing a consumer Volta GPU. Apparently only available through them Titan V $2999 https://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/NVIDIA-Launches-Titan-V-Worlds-First-Consumer-Volta-GPU-HBM2?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


Funny thing it looks like those 110 TFLOPS are only for machine learning.
It’s about 15TFLOPS single precision which is still funny. And it doesn’t have any ROPs ?

I am just copying from the comments under the article but I cannot agree more with them ( also I am sleepy still ).

Pretty much it means it is machine learning card.

Gamers Nexus video:

Finally, something that can play Star Citizen.

No joke.


Friend of mine just got 2

the star wars editions now make a lot more sense. nivida crap we have a crap load of titans that need to be sold before they become paperweights. ( marketing) star wars sells like hot cakes lets spend the cash to re tool a bit and profit off soon to never sell stock.

i almost guessed as much that this was coming just blind sided on the speed of release.

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Nope 1080ti will be better than this card in games.

Hey look, a Titan that is not X. So they do know other letters. But if they were going for V for 5, they messed that up.

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Think’in the V is for Volta


Looks like it has no ROP’s. (Render Output Units - Raster Operations Pipeline)

If so, This card is useless for games.


So it’s a heavy workload non gaming GPU… I hope it will be tested extensively in games, like the Vega FE, another non gaming workload card was tested…
And my favorite question is, does it have Async Compute yet?

For me the most interesting thing will be seeing how that HBM scales Nvidia performance assuming its 1000 series, for AyyMD cards it seems to have enabled use of twice as many cores and performance numbers match to that claim

That’d mean that Titan V is exactly 2x 1080’s


Really not looking to be gaming optimized, more like the Vega FE or WS Pro cards. Would be decent for designing games more so than playing high res, high FPS, serious gaming.

It’s a start though. Nvidia, could have just sandbagged and kept the Volta to those 6 digit or more budgets. But, now with this forward movement we might see them cutting it back and offering a gaming Volta some time in the near future. Like AMD did with the Vega FE. Feeling like we might see a Volta GTX for about $1499 in 2018. Think, Titan Ti, with HBM2…

GN Steve, does the best reports. He is candid, forthcoming, and always well researched. Wendell, is there too, don’t get me wrong. Those two could take over the world if they combined their force… Singularity!!!

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Wanna bet on that?

If the info about it not having ROP’s is correct. Then yes a 1080 ti will be better.

But It just seems weird that ROP’s arent listed.

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Not really. It is marketed towards machine learning, so its in the race against RadeonInstinct



Actually yes I wanna bet on that, how much ? Lets begin with something like 1k euro ?

No seriously if the Titan V doesn’t have ROPs you will loose however I don’t feel like taking your money. Just read a bit about it and you will find out why.

As you can see at this diagram Titan V does miss raster engines, go on and compare it to previous Titan X§ and 1080 Ti arch. That can only mean no actual performance in Video Games … mainly because it’s made for AI and Machine Learning and guess what Machine Learning doesn’t need … to play games …

Sorry I mean’t “isn’t expressly listed as not having any”. Rather that just not mentioned at all.

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Watched someone play with a 960 and they were doing pretty good.