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Videos that Interest bedHedd

I watch a lot of videos, so rather then spam this thread with multiple posts

I have decided to start my own blog here.

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interesting image upscaler built on neural net
took this tiny icon 200x200 (32.4kb) from a icon dump and…

and upscaled it to 1402x1604 (977.0kb) almost 6/7 times bigger than original!

Making a thread for it

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Supposedly there’s a secret message. I can’t see it on my iPad Pro, but I can see it on my Mate SE
Android 8.0
Firefox mobile
Https everywhere
No script
Cookie auto delete
Privacy badger
Unblock origin

Blue light filter on on warmest setting

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also cool

Guess dem sponsor spots got upgraded to ads

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Both funny and cool. Maybe this might get it’s own spin off thread if discussion develops?
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