Video/Article topic suggestion: Weird issues (bad/defective) PSUs can make


I confess that I don’t suggest this topic out of the kindness of my heart - it seems that I and @osrk have old but seemingly working Seasonic G-series PSUs that cause a weird bug on the very unique ASRock Rack X470D4U motherboard (AM4 SOHO server board with KVM IPMI) where the over-temperature protection CPU_PROCHOT is triggered without a valid cause and the CPU is locked at 550 MHz:

Maybe you can collect, analyze and present readers/users’ experiences (that seem real/plausible) where they hadn’t had any idea at the beginning that the issues were eventually the PSU’s fault.

aBavarian Normie-Pleb

You should be able to test your power supply with a volt meter and a short from green to black. Power supplies are pretty binary in the sense they either work or they don’t. If you have a power problem, it’s either the PSU or the board itself. any other component would post and then crash, and that would usually be when you start pulling parts until it works again, and replace the ones that don’t.

I don’t think you are going to find any situations where someone says “my computer bluescreened and it turns out I was getting a bad 5v.” Maybe there is some fried hardware because of a bad power supply, but there’s no steps to prevent that really, except testing your parts.