VIABLE Adobe CC Alternatives

normally not an issue if you’re in an editing bay or a hotel, but I’ve done ENG gigs where it was a few hours turnaround in BFE or we wouldn’t meet the deadline. Which makes Premiere problematic.

Also, they put a lot more into marketing than anyone else.

AE is brain damage, almost no one on a production with a decent budget uses it as a primary compositor, Flash crashes if you move the mouse too fast, and Audition is the internet explorer of audio suites, you only open it up to figure out what to replace it with.

God, premiere didn’t even have more than 8 threads for rendering till late 2018

IMO the only thing they can absolutely rely on monopolizing is Photoshop.


The only thing that comes to mind for InDesign is Scribus and Affinity Publisher when out of Beta.

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Seems the source of this is Dolby suing for breach of contract. Remember kids, use AC-3 in making a piece of editing software without a Dolby contract and you can go to jail…

Technically the inclusion of AC3 in FFmpeg is somewhat illegal, depending on the use… That’s how convoluted that situation is.

Sounds like a corporation trying to avoid class action by passing the buck but i’m not a lawyer.

IIRC it’s not legal to revoke rights to a license or patent for something already developed and sold under contract, even if you come into breach of contract later on.

Second sale doctrine and prior art, etc.

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Thanks. That’s a good guide for OSS fans but not particularly focused on replacing adobe products specifically. I’ll incorporate some of the ones not covered into the guide here to increase comprehensiveness.

Alright Y’all:

Updated Platform support for better searchability (use ctrl f and paste the relevant emoji to see all available options)

Moved and added some software according to user suggestions.

Added more notes where relevant.

Keep those suggestions, critiques, fact checks, etc coming!


Coming soon:

  • subsection explaining why the software is in the tier it’s in, and other relevant distinguishing features

    • they’ll look like this
      • or maybe this
  • links. lots and lots of links

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Why is Mischief & Clip Studio included as a Drop In for Illustrator? Sure, both programs can use vectors, but they don’t behave or work the same at all.

I would argue against even putting them in the Illustrator category, since neither can export into a file where the vector shapes are preserved (.ai, .svg, .eps, etc.).

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I’m not familiar with these two myself but if true this is a good catch. The most important things I’ve done in Illustrator actually involved almost exclusively exporting vectors.

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Krita may be in the same boat as well, unless I’m missing something in export from trying it out myself.

Here’s an example from Mischief. In case you’re wondering about .psd’s, it’s merely rendered out at whatever input you’ve typed in with layers preserved. I absolutely love this program as a quick sketching tool though!

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I’ve seen a lot of hype around their vector brush adjustment tools, but I don’t have personal production experience with the application. I’ll change the rank accordingly.

Thanks for the perspective, I only really have industry experience in video.

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First batch of detail comments added.

still very much open to suggestions and discussion

Alright homies, description and notes sections completed.

Next step is OFX plugin details, links, and maybe pricing.


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That’s a good infographic. Might make an expanded version of it with the more comprehensive list we have here later.

important poll for those following or otherwise interested:

Should I expand this to cover other subscription software (autodesk, etc) or do deep dives on detail specifically for Adobe CC?

  • Adobe only
  • Autodesk etc. subscription services

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Hmm, thats a hard one.
On one hand including even more areas could be interesting but on the other big A deserves a special kind of push-back for their behavior.

CC costs a lot, sure, but have you seen what the other big A charges for subscriptions? it’s something like 10x that on certain single products


Oh yeah for sure. That said though, it’s like, Fusion360 is free for non commercial use, or Inventor is $2000 for one year.

I think one of the reason you see them charging what they do is a lot of their products target heavy industry that doesn’t really flinch at such a thing, A fully loaded Solidworks Premium with a year of support is like $10K alone with Flow Simulation an extra $17K and Simulation Premium another extra $15K on top of it.

CATIA can go up to like $65K for one seat if you got all the modules (for… some reason).